nick venedi

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What will happen with Greece?

The West can't afford to alienate Greece and create further instability in the region. If the Greeks get a radical left wing government then there will be some major changes. A new radical left Greece would not wish to remain within the NATO alliance and will also break  all the recent controversial military agreements with Israel. This will lead to more instability in an already unstable region. A united Europe is useful as it serves to unite states that were previously seen as hostile. It becomes useful when it turns a free state into a slave satellite.

I am hoping that the Greek electorate will return a sensible government on the 17 June one that is able to implement the reforms needed to bring the country in line with the rest of Europe. But for that to happen Berlin needs to accept the Venizelos( PASOK) plan which requires the relaxation of the austerity measures imposed on the people of Greece. The 6 point plan sees the removal of reductions to pension values and a number of other measures proposed to relieve the burden of the so called package.

The Greeks are not stupid and ordinary people know that more needs to be done to streamline the tax collection system, remove corruption and go for growth. But they also know that it will not be in the interest of the 'Western allies' for Greece to look elsewhere. The Germans could, for example, stop seeing Greece as a market for their products and help by moving some of their industry down south so that people have jobs and are able to pay the so called debt that everyone is so obsessed with. Turn the Greeks and the Portuguese from nations of consumers to centres of production.


  1. some think that if they ignore Spain then the problem will go away, but Spanish collapse will see the death of the euro.

  2. I don't think so