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Monday, 30 September 2013

Help to buy scheme

The Help to Buy scheme is meant to do the same for Cameron and Osborne as the Right to Buy for Thatcher only the Help to Buy doesn't make sense. It gurantees 15% deposits for property up to the value of 600k as long as the buyer can find the 5%

The scheme goes wrong when you consider the fact that banks will not dish out more than 3 times the annual salary of a potential buyer so it will still be very difficult for an ordinary buyer to get on the property ladder. The scheme will help those who are earning more than 35k a year in other words not many Labour party voters or am I being cynical again!

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Can X Factor make a difference?

X Factor and similar competitions have been criticised but then at the same time and looking at the evidence the shows have produced major stars like Leona Lewis, Will Young, One Direction and JLS so whatever the United Left have to say the truth is it gives some people a break. Not the right principles to be aspiring to but hey we live in a shallow world!

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Cruel X Factor tactics

I know its television and sensationalism makes it more exciting but the new tactic used in X Factor 2013 where contestants are selected for a place then can be removed and substituted for another act is not fair on those put in that position. You can clearly see the stress and agony this method inflicts on those taking part. Its not fair or nice!

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Back soon

Back soon.

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Friday, 27 September 2013

Liz McDonald to return

It looks like Liz McDonald will be coming back to run the Rovers Return in Weatherfield. Totally unreliable rumours have also confirmed that the UL AGM which was meant to take place there will now have to look for a new venue. Deidrie Barlow Rashid has agreed to try and find them another place.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

East Enders sage continues

Unfortunately and following my announcement this morning that 4 characters will be removed from the series I received some hostile comments from 4 people with the same style of writing complaining about my lack of understanding.

I said it again and will repeat it now East Enders has failed to cover real time issues that affect people so their failure to deal with the problems faced  by those suffering from ear wax within  the Fijian population makes them incapable of running a condom machine in a brothel.

East Enders, good and bad news

The good news is that 4 characters have been removed the bad news is that the so called 'show' has not been dropped. Unfortunately East Enders will continue with its totally dire and stupid story lines perpetuating stereotypes and increasing the amount of rubbish on telly!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ed Milliband and his government

Ed -career politician- Milliband gave a long speech yesterday which apparently lasted for an hour. I honestly feel sorry for those who were unfortunate enough to be in the hall. Anyway Mr excitement ( I didn't watch it but..) promised all sorts of things like freezing gas prices and not putting vat on top of cream cakes ( something like that) the truth is he did not sound like a leader or a PM in waiting and as the only way he will ever form a government will be with the Libs his strategy should be to try and appease them. That will be more productive and it will help his career! To be honest I feel that we are in a dark period of politicians with zero to no charisma! Most of them are as inspiring as a pack of condoms on mouth Athos!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Downton Abbey

You either love or hate it. Downtown Abbey is to me an attempt to perpetuate and glorify the idiotic out of date system that allows descendants of cattle thief's to continue with having hold on the power they took from others. There are those who will say that this very system has allowed the country to thrive or win the war ignoring the fact that had it not been for the USA getting involved we wouldn't have. Anyway don't want to get too deep not on Monday morning!

As far as the programme is concerned I find the story lines very boring and weak ( ok only watched it twice) and the acting is actually appalling. I always remember Acorn Antics by Victoria Wood when I watch the acting in Downton Abbey, now that is a fantastic comedy seriers! Not at all surprised that the Americans did not award any EMY's there is no quality involved with Abbey and those who watch it do it instead of knitting. Allows them to fantasise about Lady Banana and Brigadier Asshole. Total nonsense am afraid!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Are the Modern Greeks unstable?

The answer to the question of whether modern Greece is unstable or not should be looked at in context. Greece, Spain and Portugal went through an interim stage of development after the dictatorship regimes they had fell. Greece was the first to shake off the junta in 1974 followed by Spain and Portugal.

Greece and Portugal are of similar size and have more or less same volumes in terms of economies and growth. The difference between the two is that whilst Greece had suffered from devastation as a result of WWII Portugal was not involved. One could therefore argue that given that Portugal did not face the destruction that Greece had to face due to the German invasion and occupation they should be doing better.

Spain was also affected by the civil war but there is no point comparing Greece with Spain as the second is a larger country with more resources. So a comparison with Portugal is more relevant.

We then had the rapid growth of the Greek economy. Greece became the 10th member of the EEC Britain having been the 9th. So they were not doing too bad.

Things went wrong with Portugal and Greece when Germany and France encouraged both countries to adopt the Euro. This was a disastrous mistake given the conditions needed to have a functioning currency. Portugal and Greece were wrongly thrown in the deep end because of the Euro project. Both countries will either have to learn to function with the prec conditions that are necessary or get out of the single currency. So the answer is that neither Greece or Portugal are unstable they were just not ready for fiscal union. If they want to stay in they must make supreme sacrifices and change the way they think and operate.

Nick Venedi

The problem with Syria

A lot has been said about the situation in Syria. The truth is that the issues that should concern us all are to do with the tremendous hardship faced by innocent civilians and children who are clearly suffering.

Another major problem is that the generation of politicians who are in place today are incapable of showing any real leadership and are thus unable to resolve what is becoming a humanitarian catastrophe. The situation in a region that is quite volatile could explode and get other countries involve. So we could have a repeat of the pre conditions that led to the first world war that then gave rise to the second. Reality is that the alternative to the dictator Asad could be an Al Quida led or influenced government. People like William Hague are unfortunately in charge of foreign policy which makes me feel uncomfortable and fearful!

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ed Milliband

It would appear that Ed Milliband has achieved the obvious and has made himself to be one of the most unelectable of all Labour leaders. He is closely ranked behind Michael Foot as far as I can tell, only Foot had a personality.

Unfortunately Ed has made a complete paklava of the opportunity to lead the Labour party and has managed to surround himself with more idiots than himself. So Balls et al plus him make for a sorry state of affairs. If the Libs did go in with Labour to form a coalition then Milliband will be constantly upstaged by Vince Cable and Nick Clegg. Career politicians are not good for this or any other country!

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Liberal Democrats more on the left than Labour?

I was amazed when following some of the deliberations at Lib national conference to hear that some if not most of the speakers sounded more on the left than the so called new Labour rubble. This is astonishing and also sad. Leaders like Miliband, Balls and Umuna can't inspire a gold fish left in a pond never mind the ordinary Labour member. What have they done to the party of Trade Unions? Time for the TUs to drop Labour? End the hegemony of career politicians who simply sat down one evening in pub in Clapham South and decided to join Labour hoping that they would get a job for life!! What a paklava!!

Nick Venedi

Independent Scotland?

The referendum to decide whether the Scottish nation becomes independent will take place one year from today. It is good that 16 year olds will also be allowed to vote. I think everyone over 16 should be allowed to within the UK.

It is of course up to the Scottish people themselves to decide which way to go. From a South European perspective, which is where I originally come from, I would say that Scotland has always been seen as a separate entity from England and indeed many make the distinction. In other words the rest of Europe already sees Scotland as an entirely different nation. There are benefits to staying within the UK but an independent Scotland will also be able to take its rightful place within a United Europe.

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lab Lib coalition?

It would appear that the great and not that good from both parties are working towards a Lib Lab coalition although some think that this will end up being a Lab Lib one instead. Anyway thing is if they both remove the completely ludicrous and unfair bedroom tax then it might be worth putting up with the miserable Milliband being the PM but I draw the line at having Balls and Umuna being in any cabinet! Will be a disaster!

Monday, 16 September 2013

X Factor 2013

The start of the winter season is marked by the beginning of X Factor. This year it seems to be a little better with apparently more than 1 million new viewers switching on. This could be because the panel are better than the last two years. Nicole Sherzingham looks absolutely gorgeous and its a good enough reason for me to occasionally watch it in between saving the world and its oysters.

Vince Cable

Not at all surprised to hear some of the Liberal Democrat activists at conference sounding more socialist than Labour. Unfortunately these fine collective of people like Vince Cable will most probably end up in a coalition with Labour at the next election as Labour is quite obviously incapable of forming a government on their own. What with failed policies from Milliband, Balls and Umuna, there is just little to no hope! They are as exciting as a condom machine on moounth Athos!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Coronation street and Carl

Must say that the latest story in Coronation stret which involves that creep Carl is quite exciting. He was responsible for killing Sinita who died in a fire in the Rovers Return. He then managed to get away with it but it looks like his luck is running out.

In contrast with the producers of East Enders Coronation street is full of exciting stories. The actors in the soap are well liked and do well with viewers. The only thing I disagree with is that the producers have not turned Deidrie Barlow into a Ms Marple type of a detective. It would be more exciting if they did. Hope that Carl will be caught tonight and that he is punished for what he did to Sinita! Sinita is of course brown bread and wont be coming back but Weatherfield will be a more safe place.

Barbara Windsor on East Enders

Barbara Windsor is critical of the soap operas decision in 2012 to kill off Pat Butchers character. She thinks it was a mistake. I  and many others on the other hand feel that the producers should have got rid of everyone in this 'programme' it has become incredibly boring and full of ridiculous stories. I am particularly angry that they have not yet managed to cover a story which involves the plight of those who live on the South West part of the Fiji islands facing ear wax problems every other day. This is negligence and needs to be dealt with. Get rid of East Enders!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Polar bears

Polar bears are being forced to travel further and further to find food as their habitat vanishes at an alarming speed. As a result, many of them are dying of starvation.

The polar bears' plight is horrific - but it's only a preview of what will happen if drilling in the Arctic continues.

The Arctic sea-ice is melting at an incredible rate due to climate change. Last September, sea-ice cover retreated to its lowest levels since scientists began keeping records. But companies like Shell are still trying to use the melting Arctic for their own greed. Drilling in the Arctic is putting our entire planet in jeopardy.

It's time the Arctic is declared off-limits to industrial exploitation forever.Join the global movement to protect the Arctic.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The world media on Greece

The Greek world has seen a major attack by the media in the Western counties. The financial crisis  has been blamed on what some call 'the lazy Greeks' whilst others have tried to undermine the spirit of a nation that is well used to fighting for its integrity and survival. The attacks have ignored historical factors that have contributed to the destruction of the country. Some one somewhere is trying to break the spirit of the nation but Greeks have been around longer than others.

Greece was involved in two major world wars in the last century. They were also forced into a civil war immediately after the second world war without much help or support from the West. The media ignores the fact that the country did not get any financial help or reparations from Germany. The gold reserves around 900 billion for example that were stolen by the Nazis was never returned. The civil war was fought for 4 years and it was engineered by the USA and Britain who did not want Greece to be part of the Soviet block. So although all the other countries involved with the devastating war were given help and support to rebuilt Greece was in fact thrown into a nasty conflict to preserve and protect Western interests?? And what the fuck for?

Despite the 2 wars and the civil war Greece managed to rebuild most of its infrastructure and become the 10th member of the EEC before Spain or Portugal in 1980. This was a major achievement. So instead of the media in the West trying to undermine the confidence of a proud nation they should remember the struggles the Greeks had to go through and congratulate them for doing a lot without help. Greece will no doubt survive the current crisis and will prevail. A proud nation second to none will rise again and will take its rightful place on the world stage. Greeks are very resilient and they will remember who their friends were in times of crisis. Saying that I have noticed that the British press has been fair and more supportive than others. I thank them for that!

Nick Venedi

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dave Prentis on Milliband

The great leader Dave Prentis is right to be critical of Ed Milliband but I have to say that he was warned many times before he gave the Unison vote to Ed. There are no surprises, not to me that Ed Milliband is a major disappointment.
Nick Venedi

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Will Cyprus default?

Maybe and maybe not.. who knows..

Nick Venedi

Romanian bears

Thanks to its wide variety of geography and climate, Romania is home to many protected and endangered species, including the brown bear. In fact, more than half of Europe's brown bear population lives in the country. But those bears are frequently targeted by hunters from all over the world, and the problem just keeps getting worse.
The government issues about 350 hunting licenses annually to try to "control overpopulation" among the bears. There's growing evidence, however, that the actual number of bears slaughtered for their paws, meat and fur is much higher. Some companies have even allegedly advertised Romanian hunting trips that "guarantee" bear kills.

Romania's pristine environment has allowed wildlife to prosper. Without stronger government protection, though, those animals could soon be wiped out for good.

Ask Romania’s Minister for Environment and Climate Change to make the protection of the brown bear and other endangered native species her top priority.

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Against animal cruelty

A totally barbaric and cruel habit...

Nick Venedi

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Heading towards world war 1 in 21st Century?

The situation in the middle East can not get worst. The factors that contributed greatly to  WW1 and WW2 are at play right now. Militarisation in the east end of the Med is similar to what happened in the Balkans pre 1914 only the weapons that will be used this time will devastate the planet. Other factors such as the humiliation of nations like Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal remind me of the humiliation of Germany post WW1. Is history repeating itself and we are just turning a blind eye?

Israel forms a military alliance with Greece, Turkey wants to play the superpower in the region, Russia wants bases in Cyprus only the US and UK will not allow this to happen. A recipe for war?!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Buogiorno Mu

Beware of this company called Buongirno Mu they obtain money from you via deceptive ways. I have just looked at my mobile phone bill and there are 5 entries under Buongiorno Mu for 85 p each time for something I have never asked for or wanted. I don't even know who the hell Buongiorno Mu is. Their charge is at the very end of the bill, under the outside plan costs. Buongiorno Mu should be reported for this activity. I have asked my provider to blog them but will also be raising this issue with my local MP and will campaign against them. Total disgrace! Stop Buongiorno Mu from this practice check your phone bill carefully!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

X Factor 2013

The start of X factor signifies the end of summer as the programme takes us to Xmas. This year won't be different to any before it and I am sure we will watch some good and many not so good singers performing. I often thought that the programme was a waste of time but then changed my mind when realised I actually like Leona Lewis and Will Young so there is some value in having this kind of telly imposed on us. Shame Deidre Barlow isn't a judge though she would be a good one!

New story lines in Coronation st..

I have written to the producers of Coronation street and explained that they need to change their approach and bring the way they introduce new stories into the 21st century. I have suggested that Deidrie Barlow, Rashid, Langton starts a campaign to raise awareness for those living in the South of the Fiji islands affected by Ear Wax. This is a major issue that they have not covered yet. Get real and deal with this or face the consequences.

nick venedi

US NATO attack on Syria

The US government are trying to convince the world and themselves that the atrocities committed against civilians in Syria are the reasons for which they want to attack the country. I accept that the use of chemical weapons is abhorrent and immoral but the US needs to find a better way to get us to accept that their involvement is because they want to preserve international rule of law. How about they get their ally Turkey to observe international law by withdrawing from occupied north of Cyprus? Not only do they not do this but they continue to arm the Turkish army to perpetuate the illegal occupation??