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Sunday, 10 March 2019

United Europe?

Nick Venedi 

Among Angels by T Graves

By my good friend Tim, excellent production
Good luck Tim 😊👍

Cruelty to animals

We must do more to regulate this part of our lives. We probably have 100 years before the whole world collapses due to overpopulation and pollution and we have 10 years to do something about it. The earth will not be able to feed 22 billion people in 80 years time. Reducing meat consumption and cruelty to animals might just help!

Nick Venedi 

Lambeth diaries

Haven’t had time to write more on the diaries but promise to get down to it soon. Spoken to many people who might be mentioned so have to be careful not to cause them embarrassment with my interpretation of events. But I have at the centre of it for 24 years so it’s worth recording things as I experienced them. Call me old fashioned but I think am doing the right thing..

Nick Venedi

Javid and the rule of law

What ever anyone thinks of the girl who went to join an illegal organisation in Syria the fact remains that the Home Secretary should not break international law. She was very wrong to go but you can’t just take her citizenship away otherwise this sets a dangerous precedent. What if Prince Philip did something wrong and he was deported back to Greece? Huge problem as the Greeks would not have him!!

Nick Venedi