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Friday, 13 October 2017

BT Broadband speed

We all buy products with gurantees . BT broadband gurantees high speed but that has not been the case for many that I know. The government must do to force companies that say one thing and do another to sort themselves out!
Nick Venedi

Google regulation must come in

Imagine someone going out on the High st putting on a lot of graffiti about yourself and your life and then not being made to remove it? Well google allows anything said about you irrespective of whether it is correct or not to stay online! There is no legal remedy. There is no way of challenging what a disturbed individual posts online. This is clearly not right and must be stopped. Google search engines do a good job in other areas but on this one they are wrong and some form of regulation must come into force.
Nick Venedi

Friday, 28 July 2017

Boris Johnson

Had an argument with someone on the train today well a heated discussion who voted for Brexit. I asked him what he thought about Michael Gove and Boris Johnson? He stopped for a second and then said well they are both useless comedians at which point I said, well you prove my point then. You trusted unreliable opportunists like M Gove and Boris Johnson. Only problem is your vote has condemned the future of my 17 year old nephew and his friend. Would be funny if it wasn't that serious!

nick venedi


Was thinking the other day how can anyone in their right mind listen to advice given by two clowns Michael Gove and Boris Johnson? How can anyone take seriously what Boris Johnson said? He apparently wrote to articles before declaring which side he was on one was in favour of staying the other against?? This is not a game. How the hell did people take Boris Johnson seriously?? Just saying!!

nick venedi

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

nick venedi on google

Google does a good job on most occasions but then again there is little or no regulation when it comes to anyone posting stuff online that makes wild and unfounded allegations. There seems to be no way to challenge or get the offending material removed.

Google allows for a form that can be submitted but they do not allow for any form of investigation to take place  and there is no right of appeal. Their response to any requests to investigate issues of concern that are raised are done through a standard reply so no human involvement with looking at what you have complaint about? This can not be right?

I raised concerns about a silly entry that can be seen under google search from an ex. The issues raised there were filed under a site that allows for consumer complaints like bad plumbers etc. I explained  to Mr and Ms google that this should not be there as it is not a consumer related complaint but simply a personal outburst but they refused to look into it and send me a standard reply saying they cant be bothered. This is very unfair!

Nick Venedi

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday, 2 June 2017


Not surprised that President Trump has come out of the Paris agreement but that puts Macron and Merkel as the clear winners for the position of leaders of the free world. We must now move to form a European army and total fiscal union in the EU

Nick Venedi

Nick Venedi