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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Greece 6 May 2012, the heat is on...

Greeks enraged by economic hardship vote today in a deeply uncertain election that could reignite Europe's debt crisis and throw into doubt the country's future in the euro zone and the euro itself. Last minute opinion polls show a shift to the far right and hard left. If the stats are right then the far right will get 12 seats and the hard left around 20 which means that the centre parties, socialist PASOK and conservative ND will need to form a coalition (not between them selves as the level f hatred is far too deep..) but with one of the extreme parties.
At stake in the first general election since Greece detonated a wider European crisis at the end of 2009, is whether it will stick to the terms of a deeply unpopular EU/IMF bailout or start down a path that could take it out of the euro.
Leaders from all sides emphasised the importance of the vote - which pollsters say is impossible to call - for the future of Greece, now suffering one of the worst recessions in postwar Europe.

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