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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Vince Cable and Socialism

I don't agree that Vince Cable is a Socialist at all and in fact I don't think there are many Socialists within the Labour party either so that argument is very irrelevant and pointless.

What I think we have with Vince Cable is a Humanitarian who, like many  sensible Lib Democrats is standing up to the reactionary buffoons of the Tory party and putting them in their place, or trying ot a least.

I  worked with Lib Democrats when I was a Branch Secretary in Lambeth people like Cllr Lumbsden, Trusdale, Heather and others and they are descent people who will not be comfortable when push comes to shove to go down the road of political extremism or take part with adventures that would be against the people. They should all join the Labour party and help its revival!

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