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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reply from ADEDY to invitation from Syriza

Radical left wing party Syriza which won 21% of the vote and came second at the general election in Greece on Sunday 6 May approached the major trade unions asking for a meeting. ADEDY the largest union representing governement/public sector workers in the country gave Syriza the following reply which I have translated here:


 Subject: Reply from ADEDY on 08/05/2012  following SYRIZA invitation for a meeting

 Mr President,

 The Executive Committee of ADEDY met on the 08/05/2012 in response to your invitation for a meeting which was proposed to take place on the 09/05/2012. We understand that your approach was in line with Syrizas desire to form a government, and your approach was with a view to consult. You are aware that:

 • 1. ADEDY met with political parties, prior to the election and our position was made clear. We are a TU representing the interest and issues relating to civil servants;

 • 2. It is not the TU movements role to be involved with every level of detail in governing the country as we are an interst group/movement and it is not for ADEDY to have firm positions as to who forms a government in these difficult times facing the country;

 3. ADEDY is prepared, as soon as a new government is formed to submit its views and proposals for addressing the problems of public sector workers and to will make clear its opposition to the austerity measures affecting the people in general and our members.

From the Executive Committee of A.D.E.D.Y

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