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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Syriza chaos

My opposition to getting Syriza elected in Greece is well documented on this page. I warned of the completely unprofessional approach the many different left wing strands within that very newly formed collective would bring and unfortunately the final product is chaos.

Those who claim that Greece should be paid by the Germans for the destruction the Nazis created during the last war have a point but they went the wrong way with proving it.

The only way out of the mess now is for a government of national unity between PASOK and ND to take over otherwise the country will collapse and its enemies will surely take advantage of this weakness? Need I say more?

Nick Venedi

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Greece and the Euro, the saga goes on.

Seems that the German Finance Minister has been told to change the tone he is using when referring to the crisis around the Euro and Greece as his last statement says that Grexit from the Euro is out of the question and that Greece belongs to the Euro? I thought he had nothing more to say when he got angry last week but hey that was last week! He should stick to eating sausages for breakfast and calm down.

The reality on the ground in Greece is that people are not prepared to see young children having to stand in line outside soup kitches in Athens or Thesaloniki so that the Euro can be saved. The project was imposed on the 17 too soon without fiscal union and that was a huge mistake. The ECB should either buy the Spanish and Greek economies out or take the risk!

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Western Unity and Cyprus

The US and the West are clearly annoyed that the President of Cyprus visited Russia last week and signed a few agreements with them. The US has complaint that this displays a high degree of disunity given Russias involvement with Ukraine. They forget to feel as emotional about Turkish military ships molesting the oil exploration efforts on Cyprus territory and completely forget to remember that Turkey has invaded and illegally occupies 37% of Cyprus and EU territory? Try sorting that out first?

Nick Venedi