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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Unison Proportionality rules are NOT an inconvenience!

Those of us who have been active in the Trade Union movement had a choice from the start about which union to join. The reason I joined NALGO in 1988 (with the Civil Service unions before that) was because NALGO was very strong and led the way in the field of Equalities.

Out of that emerged Unison with its proud record of achievement on Equalities and Self Organisation. The rules on Proportionality and Fair Representation mean that Unison has  taken the necessary steps to eradicate Inequality so it bloody annoys me  when prominent long standing activists dismiss these rules as though they are an inconvenience. One of them in fact announced yesterday that proportionality is probably against Equality legislation and that there are other things going on at the work place that are far more important! I was then called a trouble maker for raising concerns about how the rules are interpreted and implemented. I wonder if that's what this 'activist' would have thought of Emily Pankhurst, she was, at the time, described as a trouble maker because she dared to challenge!!


  1. Hi Nick

    I totally agree. It is very frustrating at times trying to ensure Proportionality but it is absolutely vital to try and make sure that our union is fairly represented.

    I think Nick that you should be proud of being called a trouble maker in these circumstances. There are sadly some comrades who do not think that equality and even safety issues are trade union matters! They are so obsessed with strikes, demos and pointless postulating that they forget what we should really be about!

  2. Proportionality was at the centre of the new union breach of rules should be investigated

  3. Thanks John and anon

    Proportionality and Fair representation rules are there for a good reason. Those against these rules should ask themselves why they were created in the first place and then actively implement them.