nick venedi

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Get fit summer 2015

its not just about genetics. You can feel good and look better by taking a number of life changing steps. Here is how to start:

Know your body and know how far you can take any effort.
Reduce the amount of red meat you eat by at least 80%
Water, water, water. Your daily fluid intake must be dominated by water. 80% of what you drink must be water.

More hints soon.

Nick Venedi

Merkel the turtle?

It's now obvious that Berlin does not want the Greek rebellion to succeed and fears that if Tsipras wins then Podemos in Spain might form a government in Spain with similar demands. The problem with Merkels approach is that she is allowing her dislike of the unruly Greeks take over the part of her brain that should be making rational decisions. Herself and the others in the euro clique will be held responsible for blowing up Europe for the third time in less than 100 years? Did we actually defeat the extremists of the 1st and second world wars...

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 8 August 2015


critical of shows like x Factor and Britain has no talent in the past but it would appear that the method of show casing people's talents using those avenues may be the only way to help aspiring writers get a break? There is a lot of talent out there and very few opportunities for those who have something to offer get the exposure and the break they need so if Simon Cowel is reading this whilst having his breakfast in the greasy spoon he might want to think about it?

Nick Venedi

Monday, 3 August 2015

Greek national youth team European champions

well done to the national Greek youth team who won the European championship in basketball! Well done the new European champions we are all proud!

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Alexis Tsipras

I don't like his politics I never thought he understood how the game is played but right now he is showing strong elements of leadership and strength of personality that the other clowns do not have it therefore makes sense to support him and his efforts to push the reforms needed for the country I just hope he can be trusted!

Nick Venedi