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Friday, 29 May 2015

Big Brother 2015

Not that I watch Big Brother but the decision the producers made to remove a participant last night who was harrassing a fellow contestant was the right one.

There should be zero tolerance towards anyone who thinks its funny to persist and bully someone else for their own amuzment. The man who was removed ( described as a gay model?? no idea why ) was exposing himself to a guy who at 19 should have been left alone. Good that Big Brother has taken action but they need to examine how they manipulate the situations and encourage this behaviour?

Nick Venedi

It's not the Greek financial crisis but a crisis for Berlin

If Greece leaves the Euro others will follow. Podemos made significant gains at the recent Spanish local elections ahead of the national poll in November a clear indication that Spain is about to follow the Greek example.

Whilst the Germans are going on about the Greek crisis and keep very quite ( to calm the markets ) about the situation in Spain the reality is it's Berlin that has got it all wrong and a Geekxit will actually mean the fall of the empire of Berlin. They are the ones that should fear what happens next.

Nick Venedi

United States of Europe fails..

The United Europe myself and others wanted is one of true equality with common aspirations and descent aims. A Union where wars between us is a thing of the past. The EU is just a club for global industrialists who want cheap labour to increase their profits. The Euro crisis which involves the Greek, Spanish and Portugese economies has shown that the project is too premature. You can not have political and economic intergration without fiscal union. It's all gone very wrong. I will, unfortunately, be campaigning for the UK to leave the EU in the referendum and that makes me very sad...

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tessa Jowell 4 London Mayor

Tessa Jowell gets my vote anytime. She has been an excellent MP she does not believe in private education for her own and is not married to Ed Balls. Tessa is also well known and did a lot around the London Olympics. As a Labour party member I will be voting for her!

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What is the Greek financial crisis about?

Picture this. Alabama fucks their finances up but as they are part of the United States Union the Federal machine imposes severe austerity measures on that state which include having reduced pension benefits, lower minimum wage and no protection and more soup kitchens! Well yes it will never happen!

If Berlin desires a full economic and political union then they can not afford to let the Greeks leave the union. The pshycological damage that would create will fuck the markets up and given that the whole of the United States of Europe is about licking the markets asshole Greexit will not happen. The problem arises when the 'clever Greeks' know this and have elected a government which opposes strict austerity measures. If Merket and her sausage eating over weight Ministers want to be the ones that bring the Euro project down then let them go ahead. Perhaps they should read the Spanish press and take into account the victories Podemos made in the recent local elections?

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 23 May 2015

What's Alexis Tsipras Peron doing then in the land of Greece?

Well Tsipras aka Peron has certainly managed to excite the left in Britain some think he is a working class hero who is resisting austerity. He has certainly taken a strong stance against the bullies in Euro land and has surprised the fat sausage brigade in Berlin with his persistence but at the same time he is now negotiating measures that will mean Syrizas red lines will be crossed. I am not sure he has much of a choice and as his only option would be to sell what the country has ( a strategic position in the Med ) to the Russians that move would change the balance of power in the region so drastically he would be risking another Balkans war and that isn't in any ones interest?

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Chuka Umunna. Why did he pull out after less than 2 days?

I knew Chuka from the days when I was a member of the Streatham Labour GC Keith HIll was the MP at the time. I don't think Chuka was too different to many others. I also think that given the collection of career politicians within the party at least Chuka had a real job in the real world.

So why did he pull out less than 2 days after he declared. First of all he is young enough to stand for it again ( he is 36 ) and second he did not anticipate ( wrongly ) that everything he said and had done would be heavily scrutinised. It was obvious from remarks he made to the press before that he is not a working class hero and his love of being on club invitation lists and remarks he made about some clubbers did not do him any favors, but I think his love of himself and his obsession with self promotion was too obvious. It is said, for example, that he created this rumour that he was compared to Obama. Those I know from the Streatham constituency ( and I know many ) did not ever say this so if it is true and he did his own spinning he got it all wrong and the reaction to people finding out would have damaged him. Would he make a good leader? I am afraid no he would not!

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Where did 2 kitchens Ed go wrong?

Well Ed Milliband was never right from the start. He never had that blah blah factor needed to make it, he didn't look right and kept changing direction. As for winning over the vote from Maurice and Doris who made up their minds 10 minutes before making their decisions to vote he never understood that it was the 30% of floating voters he needed to win over. And no the answer isn't to bring Mandelson back in he was there at the right time and Labour won those elections because Maurice and Doris were fed up with the Tory party not because Labour was so brilliant. Keep Mandelson away and get some good PR firm to bury any memories we have of two kitchens Ed! He was a disaster.

nick venedi

Friday, 15 May 2015

Where did Labour go wrong?

The Labour party lost the election because they ignored what the floating voters think of those in leadership positions. So ignoring the fact that Doris and Mauriece who can't decide who to vote for until 10 minutes before they cast their vote is a huge mistake. They just didn't like Ed Balls, Ed Milliband or D Alexander, they simply do not look the part and they smell of career politician. One of them said to me 'would you trust Milliband in a room with Putin?' I can see his point..

Hopefully we will come to our senses and vote Y Cooper in as the new leader otherwise we are destined to be in opposition for another 10 years! And keep that vile person Mandelson out of the way!!
Nick Venedi

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Y Cooper 4 Leader

At last a sensible Labour MP is standing for the leadership position. She will be the right choice but I get the feeling that the Labour party 'strategists' prefer to stay in opposition for 10 years so it could be that they will encourage and promote no hopers like Burnham or Umunna. My vote will def be going to Y Cooper she is fresh, dynamic and will appeal to the electorate and not just those in London! Shame she is married to that fat out of shape man but hey a good PR firm can lose him in the backround! And another thing keep that moron Mandelson out of the way please!!

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Labour party determined not to be in government..

It is obvious to most that the Labour party is determined not to be in government for the next 10 years so those who behind the scenes plan the 'strategy' are encouraging people who will never have the support of those Labour need to persuade to win an election stand for the leadership contest. So you have Burnham, Umuna and the other one ( can't remember her name) declaring their interest. Its obvious the only one that might appeal is Y Cooper she is dynamic and looks good on tv and if she agreed to divorce that fat man husband ( he is a def liability!) of hers then she will have a bright future!

nick venedi

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ed Milliband worst than Michael Foot..

Well everyone was telling the 'top' people in the Labour party that they had a shit team which did not appeal to the voters. Ed Milliband and Ed Balls were a totally unattractive team. We were all saying this but they did not listen so we lost another opportunity to stop the austerity measures. To make matters worst we now have to chose from another selection of idiots like Burnham or Umuna. What a disaster! I am just hoping that Y Cooper stands for the leadership position and gets it otherwise some of us will be jumping ship! Millibands performance was worst than Michael Foots and that's saying something! Only good thing out of the election result was the removal of Balls and Douglas Alexander.

nick venedi