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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Regional AGM London Unison

I wasn't able to attend regional AGM today but I am wondering whether the new team lead by Glen Kelly will manage to get anywhere near defeating the team that has been 'leading' the region for the last 8 years? I very much doubt it but it will be interesting to see whether things have changed? The reds under the beds of the region is still a fear that retains its grip on London Unison politics..

Nick Venedi

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nick venedi
nick veenedi

Monday, 24 February 2014

Greece 2014

Visit Greece in 2014.. you won't regret it!

Nick Venedi

nick venedi
nick venedi

Friday, 21 February 2014

Parthenon Marbles

First of all it has never been the case that Phidias who created the Parthenon Marbles wanted them to be renamed. He also never thought they would be lifted and moved to Britain.

It is a great shame that the curators of the British museum insist on not returning the marbles to a country that has given so much to western civilisation. Their argument is affected by the last drops of imperialist ethos left in a small proportion of the great British population.

There have been many campaigns to get the marbles returned from where they were stolen. Some have used the argument that what has been done to them is the same as what the nazis did with art treasurers when they occupied the major part of Europe. I don't agree with that over emotional analogy. What I have been suggesting for many years is that the British museum should reach an agreement with the museum of Athens where the marbles are leased back to the British museum for a period of 50 to 60 years. In other words what most progressive Greeks would like to see is an acknowledgement of ownership. This is 2014 and the days of imperialism are over so lets get this sorted. And I think the British Trades Union movement can have a role with hits project!

Return the Parthenon marbles or at least acknowledge their righful owners..

Nick Venedi

nick venedi

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Fitness is something that concerns us all and we should all strive to keep fit otherwise we might encounter problems when the revolution comes!

Many who know me ask how I manage to keep fit. The answer is that I stick to a regime of regular exercises and I eat as well as I can. There are a few tips that I can share with you all.

Never embark on a project of intensive exercise without taking into account what your body can and can not take. If you go on a crash diet or a punishing schedule of exercise routine on an on and off basis (like my friend Martin does..) then you will not get good results. Know your limits is the main rule and also know your body type.

I was fortunate enough to have chosen the right parents who gave me the correct genes. Having the right genes helps but that on its on will not do it.

You must be motivated and you should want to stay fit. If not then a diet of lard and chips will not help.


Do not over exercise. I run for 20 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Running helps maintain your balance and burns any bad stuff you might have eaten off.

Don't eat red meat if you can but replace the nutrients you will lose  by finding substitutes. I am not advocating that you should convert to be a vegetarian but red meat should only form 5 to 10% of your weekly food intake. Eat fish instead.

No fizzy drinks. No alcohol. Don't have too much sugar and go to the gym for a moderate amount of exercise twice a week and not more. Its a myth that going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week helps. Reduce milk consumption by 80% and don't eat too much bread.

I shall continue to occasionally post stuff that could help comrades in their pursuit of perfection. We all need to look good or better when the revolution comes! Drink a lot of water!! Make sure that 70% of your fluid intake on a daily basis consists of water!

Nick venedi

nick venedi

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Regional Unison AGM

The London Regional AGM will take place on the 25th now as the date was changed by Bob Crow.

Will be interesting to see whether Glenn Kelly who was suspended but then managed to win a tribunal claim can win the position of Regional Convenor. There is no longer a United Left but Marsha Jane and Glenn seem to have teamed up to challenge the existing status quo. We shall see..

Nick Venedi

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Friday, 14 February 2014


What can I say..

Nick Venedi

Is UKIP all about protest?

It looks like more voters than we thought are defecting to UKIP, commentators think this is just a protest vote in between elections and although they might have a point with this the fact remains that the electorate is dissatisfied with the selection of party leaders available to chose from. It is obvious that the current leadership of all 3 major parties offers nothing other  than desperation. They are a collective of amatures who chose to go into politics because they knew they could not make it in any other profession. This is dangerous for this country and the whole world. It means that a group of idiots could make decisions on our behalf that could bring our downfall!! Vote them all out but don't go to the other extreme and elect a flash in the pants party that is just about telling some people what they want to hear!!

Nick Venedi

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Most dangerous animal

The picture tells all..

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Underground dispute

I was appauled to hear Nick Ferrari ( or is it Lambognini) try to get personal with Bob Crow and asking irrelevant questions about his personal circumstances. I am sure that many listening to this fat interviewer would now be more supportive of Bob Crow who handled him very well. At the end of the day a democratic decision was made by RMT members who voted to go on strike for some qood reasons? The decision was made using same methods as we use to elect idiots like Boris Johnson? So no difference there.

Nick Venedi

Scottish independence

A lot is being said about whether it will be possible for a nation like Scotland to go independent and whether the practical problems in achieving this will make it hard. Whether Scotland declares independence or not is no ones business other than the Scottish people. My only take on the so called difficulties is that if Checoslovakia could do it so can Scotland?

Nick Venedi

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Regional Council change of dates

London Regional Council will now take place on the 25th instead of the 5th February to avoid issues around using the underground system and upset Bob of the Crow. Our friends and comrades are rightly taking strike action on the 5th. Good luck!

Nick Venedi

What happened to the United Left then?

Looks like the United Left consists of the United SWP comrades who have remained and indeed seem to have retained the title invented by our glorious leader Jon of the Rogers. So what happens now and are we still going to be able to achieve total real time revolution? I hope that if or when it happens it won't be at the weekend or in the middle of a nasty snow storm..

Nick Venedi