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Thursday, 10 May 2012

What is the future of the Euro? 50 years too early..

There are those of us who believed in a United Europe (both of us..) and monetary union was an essential part of that dream. It has become obvious, however, that the whole project was rushed through without much thought.

I have seen people on the streets of Valencia and other cities of Spain and people on the streets of Athens in the last two years and have felt how they are affected to be able to say that the Euro project has failed. It has not worked.

Economies that are very different in scale and capability were merged. That made it easier for the rich parts of Europe to produce and export goods to them but it has impoverished nations like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy. It just hasn't worked and I am truly sad for that because I believe that a united Europe is important! The Euro came 50 years too early. Come back later..

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