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Sunday, 6 May 2012

France and Greece reject austerity

F Hollande is the clear winner of the Franch presidential election. He stood on a platform of rejecting economic austerity and promised to go for growth.

In Greece early results indicate the rejection of the major centre parties with Socialist PASOK coming third for the first time since 1974 with just 14 % of the vote whilst conservative ND appear to have gained 20% the new star in Greek politics is undoubtly Syriza (radical left) who have got around 16 to 18%. The communist KKE vote stayed stable at around 8%

Biggest shock is the emergence of the far right Hrisi Avgi (meaning golden dawn) who appear to have gained 7% of the vote which could mean that they have anything between 10 to 12 seats in the 300 strong Vouli ton Ellinon. Scary scenes on national television channel earlier on (ERT) where their leader was given 5 minutes to talk about his party!

Only good news is that the majority of constituencies in Crete remained loyal to PASOK apart from Western Crete that switched to the radical left party Syriza. Its all chaotic but the people have spoken!

The big question in Greece is whether there is any way in which a government of national unity can be formed or whether a new election will have to be called in a months time which will mean the continuation of the current instability. No government of national unity can be constructed without the involvement of the hard left parties which together have received more than 30% of the vote. This of course means a total rejection of the EU package, known in Greece as the Berlin deal.

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