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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The consequence of the election result

The second general election scheduled to take place in Greece on the 17 June this year is a referendum on the austerity measures imposed against the people by partner EU northern states. Most of the changes introduced are against EU Employment Directives and declared EU Equality legislation.

A lot is being said right now by some in Brussels and elsewhere as to why the Greeks have to get their house in order. Some of the criticism is valid but a lot more is irresponsible and designed to scare the general population off so that they vote the 'right way'. If the aim is to get the Greeks to worry and vote in a pro euro government this won't work and it will in fact produce the opposite result. So it is better to stop parachuting in making silly statements then pulling out.

I am also hoping that parties like radical left Syriza will stop inflating peoples heads with ideas like bringing the Russians in, this is destabilising and meaningless talk. Tsipras needs to remind himself of the human rights violations and the corrupt regime in Russia before he proposes a union with them?

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