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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bojo gets back in

Well everyone knows that Ken now lost and it really is a shame for London and Londoners. There is no point going over why the campaign didn't seem to work but I must say that I had great doubts about the arrogance of Ken's PR team. They wanted to control everything and everyone around him and that was a mistake. If they allowed him to be himself and slightly controversial people would have gone out to vote. And that's where it went wrong. It was difficult to motivate voters to go out and cast their vote.

On the other hand Ken didn't lose by too much although and as my mother always says you either lose or you win. Was also right about the self obsessed Paddick he managed to get the Lib vote to go down to fourth place. It takes more than changing your glasses to win an election. Good policies would help??

The battle goes on!

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