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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lambeth Unison lobby of Council meeting

Lambeth Unison and other unions will be gathering activists outside the Town Hall tonight from 6.00 p.m. onwards to resist the huge cuts that the Labour administration will be imposing on jobs and services. Everyone who can make it should try and be there!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Margaret Thatcher, dancing on ice and Meryl Streep

First of all I have to admit that M Thathcer isn't going to be on dancing on ice, that's a story that I made up. Even BBC producers won't have that.

Second I don't agree that the hand back lady (otherwise known as iron lady) was a good film. It wasn't. Billy Elliot the movie was a more accurate portrayal of the havoc and destruction she inflicted on mining communities.

Saying all of that I would agree that Meryl Streep is a good actress and since there isn't anyone else on the planet who can act she arguably deserves an Oscar? Does anyone care?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Chuka Umunna MP on the Germans

The MP for Streatham found the time to twit only to tell us how much better the Germans are doing than us? As though we didn't know?

It amazes me that people in positions of 'responsibility' never look at the whole picture? He conveniently forgets that the Germans defaulted on their huge debt after the first and second world wars, never paid the reparations to countries they occupied and to make matters even simpler for them they were given a huge amount of money via the US Marshall plan to make sure that they were kept quite and happy. And of course their industry was built from scratch in the 50s with money paid by the USA?? They are doing better because they were greatly helped not because they are any better. Did Chuka not go to his history lessons when at school?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Margaret Thacher on dancing on ice?

I am constantly amazed with the amount of rubbish being put on our televisions. There is, of course, the argument that having managed to create more than 100 channels that you can access on freeview you then have to find enough programmes to fit them into the 200,000 hours of telly time.

The above reason does not, however, mean that programme producers should inflict on us the amount of rubbish they currently create. There needs to be some regulation and some control over the quality of programming.

I suggested before that an independent body should post online reviews on anything that's been produced and should award certificates so something like Anne Widicombes new quiz nonsense should immediately be awarded junk status. It is all getting ridiculous and I fear that the next thing to come up would be Margarete Thatcher on dancing on ice! Whatever next!

Friday, 24 February 2012


National Unison President Elenor Smith was absolutely right in her speech yesterday before she went off to Canada to point out that people like herself would not have got involved with Unison had it not been for Self Organised Groups. Unison has a proud tradition second to no other union i fighting prejudice and discrimination and the Self Organised Groups are of course at the forefront of those fights.

Prejudice must be identified and challenged where ever it is in the work place or in the community there is no place for it in modern democratic society. The last area that we must look at is the way older members or retired members are looked at and dealt with. They are often ignored or dismissed as 'old' and this cannot be right. It isn't right because I know of many branches that ask for their help and support. How about a bit of respect in exchange though?

Letter to Turkish ambassador

TUC letter to Turkish Ambassador to the UK on the detention of women trade unionists and activists in TurkeyTUC writes to the Turkish Ambassador to the UK to protest against the harassment and detention of women trade unionists and activities in Turkey.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Solidarity with the people of Greece

Consider signing and adding your name to the attached petition in support of the solidarity campaign to help the people of Greece

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Role of retired members

I am aware of discussions going on at a national level about the role and the level of involvement retired members can have with their branches of origin. I have seen no evidence to suggest anything other than the need to welcome and embrace the help, support and contribution retired members can make. In fact I know of examples like in Lambeth and Croydon local government where the activity from RM's greatly contributes to the work done.

I think there is a fundamental point to be made when it comes to allowing RM's to vote on matters where they are not affected but I do not see why they can not be in the branch and participate at Branch Committee meetings/discussions or hold positrons of Convenor or Treasurer?

Unison will lose out if the rules are not looked at again and brought up to date.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Greece. What does the 'bailout' mean?

Cynics will say that the second bailout was given to ensure that the bankers don't lose out on the interest they would have made on the loans they gave the country in the open market, loans that mean that the Greek people will be paying the interest for generations to come. Why wasn't the Greek debt written off like the German debt was after the war? The answer is because the West wanted to pacify a powerful nation. German debt as a proportion to GDP after the war was 400% if not more compared to the Greeks at 150% so the caring sharing north European bankers insist that small children and pensioners starve to pay them their interest. It can't be right!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A second bailout for Greece? Or a wonga type of a loan?

European Finance Ministers are meeting later on today to decide whether Greece gets the second dose of the 'bail out' and if not then the country will go straight to default on its debts.

The media are presenting this as a rescue plan when what it really is is a loan to pay huge interest rates on other loans. So the 'deal' is that the Greeks get a second package to enable them to continue repaying the bankers and this will be at the expense of ordinary people, public sector workers and pensioners taking huge loses on their income and standard of living. Its like a wonga loan advertised on telly over here!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Anti German hysteria

I am anxious to ensure that those of us who are angry with the way the Euro project has gone do not take it out on the good people of Germany. Everyone who knows anything about history can make a case for and against the Germans but the person who is stupid enough to condemn an entire nation for the mistakes committed by the political class of one country is an idiot.

I am making this entry in my blog today because I accept (following a comment I got from a friend) that I am giving the impression that I am blaming the Germans for the entire south European misfortune. I hope I have been clear throughout that my target are the bankers and the politicians in all major cities where decisions are made. One of my closest friends, Martin, is a German and I would trust him with my life, Cord is also a dear friend. So my entries on here are about the decision makers.

On the other hand the Greek state is also managed ( illegal use of the word there..) by total bafoons who are so far up their arseholes they can't see the light on a shining drachma! They have been spending money like there is no tomorrow to buy votes for the last 20 years but that money was borrowed on the open markets. They could have explored different ways to finance the dream. The same happened in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Relatives in Brescia are assuring me that no one there trusts the Italian government stats so it would appear that the magnitude of the problem is far bigger than anyone expects. So when that apple pie hits the fun the Euro will go down the toilet of history.

I am also told that since 2004 the majority of all public sector utilities are actually owned by German companies so the rush to 'bail out' Greece isn't because the political class want to save 12 year old kids in Athens queueing up to get handouts but because the German companies who bought the utilities want to protect their profits. Its all a sinister plot and the only reasonable way to see this is to say that the system is totally wrong and unfair!

The one bit of information that I got from the Italian press last week that impressed me hugely is that at the end of the last war the German debt as a percentage of their GDP was 300% (if not more) yet this debt was written off and the Marshall plan of course injected trillions of dollars into the German economy to make it one of the worlds most competitive. So the punishment was to pay them out? In contrast the German occupation of Greece caused havoc and then the nation was forced into a civil war against the communist for another 5 years because the West didn't want Greece to be part of the communist block. There was no Marhsall plan for Greece or a return of the 95 billion worth of gold bullion stolen during the war! Yet the Greek debt is 150% of GDP the Portuguese around 140% Spanish 130 but no bloody beggar is going on about writing that off? Do they want the Southern countries to revert back to Dictatorships and war adventures? What a mess!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Greece. Rebirth of a nation?

Modern Greece is going through a major financial crisis along with a number of other mainly south European countries. There are many reasons for this and of course the media here have jumped on the band wagon in an attempt to portray the country as the mad lady of the continent. This is of course not correct.

Greece is trying to deal with the fallout from overspending for the last 30 years. Successive governments from both wings found it easy to borrow money on the open markets to buy voters. So the country had a relatively good standard of living with low unemployment and very good public service provision. They also managed to get together the Athens Olympics, built a brand new modern airport, win the European cup and the Eurovision song contest. I am only mentioning these little things as I strongly believe that the euphoria the Greeks felt for the last 20 years and especially during the Simitis years, helped them achieve. Every child over the age of 14 would get, for example, a laptop to help them with their studies and hospital waiting lists were very short. So the country had a good 20 years but it was all paid for by borrowing. The unemployement rate there is still 21% compared to 28% in Spain but no one is getting hysterical about Spain?

So we have now come to the situation where the Greeks have been told they can't continue giving themselves a good life and they have to find ways of paying it all back. And of course that's how free market forces work in a capitalist system.

There are no excuses for allowing the political class to mismanage the economy and for finance ministers not to have any control over the level of debt but Greece is not a failed country, as the BBC would like us all to think. I have noticed for example BBC reporters refer to Greece as a small country and have no idea what they mean by that? If they mean small in size then it is not true, they are bigger than England, Scotland, Denmark, Belgium and many other Euro states so Greece is in fact a medium size country. Its population is also in the medium size category, larger than Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Scotland, Denmark etc. So I think that there is a psychological war being waged against the Greeks and the aim is to hit them at a time when they need help and support and not negative criticism. I also think that the crisis will force the Byzantine system they use to be updated and it will help with the rebirth of a nation that knows how to fight when facing a crisis! The Euro crisis will, in fact, be the second Marathon for the Greek nation only they won the battle and the war at the end.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Unison. Annual returns reminder

Reminding the 152 branches in London and elsewhere in the country for the need to submit audited returns to national by the 15 of March 2012. The penalty for not doing so is one months income and disqualification from sending delegates to National Delegate Conference in June. One months income can be as much as £9,000

Thursday, 16 February 2012

London Unison Retired members AGM

This vibrant part of London Unison is having its annual AGM today in central London with election of officers, guest speakers and a number of motions to consider. Good to see that the level of activity and interest in this is so high!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Equality and titles

We have come a long way since the days of absolute monarchs and changes in Equality legislation have reinforced what we as a nation believe in which is that we are all equal.

But how can we all be equal if there is a real pyramid in our society on top of which the landed aristocracy sit? Why do we still have Lords and Dukes? Are titles not totally incompatible with the notion of Equality? How can we all be equal when we have some brigadier trolley type swanning around Kensington thinking that he is above the rest of us? And why do we need a House of Lords? It should be replaced with an upper house of Equals. We are all Pares inter Pares... abolish the Lords!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


The argument used by the Germans and French as to why they wanted Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland in the eurozone when they knew that these countries had very different economies and systems that could not sustain the financial pressure imposed on them by euro standards is that Europe could not be united without these countries.

Well if that's the argument then the northern states must do more (and they are in some way) to support the south in times of struggle.

I have always taken the view that a united Europe is an important first step towards internationalism and unity but it will now seem that the people of these states who have had a good standard of living for the last 20 years (by borrowing money on the open markets) cannot take the punishment that goes with being a part of the euro zone and that's what ordinary people feel and say in the streets of Lisbon and Athens...

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Greek default followed by Portugal?

Portuguese friends are telling me that although the Portuguese TU's have kept quite and not done much it is more than likely that if the German Democratic Republic of Greece 9not so democratic lately) defaults then the Portuguese people will take to the streets and demand the removal of the austerity measures imposed on them there. The same appears to be the case with Spain. If this was to happen then the Euro will be going down the toilet with major and catastrophic affects on the rest of the world economy. Not looking good!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

BBC Question Time

I have raised concerns before with the method (if there is one) used to select panel members to appear on BBC Question Time. There is no doubt in my mind and that of others that a major inquiry needs to take place on this.

BBC Question Time and similar programmes to that keep inviting a much smaller number of women to be panel members and when they do, like the Thursday gone, they get in the same people. I have nothing against Shirley Williams or the Daily Mail woman but they are always the ones selected. This is not good enough. First it is ridiculous that the majority of panel members are men (boring ones for that) and second the few women that are invited are always from the same club? I am paying for this so its not what I want! Why not Linda Perks for example she is doing more than the Daily Mail woman (Anne someone?)

Not to mention the fact that Andrew Neil is always on every bloody political programme. Has the bloody BBC heard of new younger journalists? Do they not have an obligation to give them a chance and an opportunity? Why do we have to suffer seeing Andrew Neil all the time??

German Democratic Republic of Greece in trouble

I have some serious problems with what is going on downtown Athens and I know many others have too. The reality of the situation is that Greece and other EU states have been put in a very difficult place.

Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy are facing major financial hardship. The Greeks are getting all the publicity because the resistance there is more vocal and severe, but this does not mean that the Greeks are more ruined than say Portugal a country with the same economy, same population and same size.

Spanish unemployment is 28% compared to 21% in Greece and this is just one example. It's just that the Greeks will not put up with having a non elected Governor imposed on them. The German Democratic Republic of Greece is resisting an attempt from what appears to be a German take over. Many in Greece are saying that its the system that needs to be changed and not them!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pensions marathon runs on

A further meeting of the TUC's Public Sector Liaison Group will take place later this week to discuss the next steps in the long-running dispute to secure pensions justice for public sector workers.

The run up to Christmas saw the TUC seeking to facilitate an overall settlement to the dispute that was fair and just - reflecting unions' diverse concerns about the impact of the government's 'reforms'.

This followed separate discussions covering the four main schemes for civil servants, local government workers, teachers and NHS staff.

Further details @

Friday, 10 February 2012

Is the London UL seen as too hardcore?

I wasn't surprised to see all the United Left candidates in London lose the election at the AGM on the 8th but I was expecting an improvement in the vote given the amount of work and effort many in the UL have put into the pensions dispute.

Comments on some other blogs would make us think that this is a major defeat for the forces on the left and one blog describes the UL as nothing else other than a subsidiary of the SWP. That is of course not true and any one person who wants to analyse the reasons for the situation in London would need to look at the process in place and how it all works or doesn't.

Delegates in London gather once a year from all over the region to do the business of the AGM. They represent the members who continue to vote UL candidates such as Jon Rogers on the NEC so where there are straight forward elections based on the principle of one member one vote the UL does not do badly at all.

A long term solution to the regional situation would be to introduce the one member one vote method where everyone who is a member gets to vote. They do so for any national elections so why not for the region?

My take on why the UL will not win an election in the region is to do with perceptions. Perceptions about how hardcore and on the left the UL are are somewhat exaturated.

The majority of those in the UL (and I did join for a year in 2005) are Labour party members who are very involved with constituency Labour party politics. But some delegates who attend AGM once a year seem to get information about who and what the UL are and what they do and of course they do NOT want to see their Regional Secretary either directly or indirectly attacked. This is a major and fundamental mistake made by the Politburo of the UL they should not be seen to be attacking the regional Sec at every opportunity? Or standing against the General Sec when the chances of winning are 0.01%?

I worked very closely with Linda Perks for 4 years and the assumptions about her method and style of managing are incorrect. We had main disagreements but we dealt with each other with understanding and respect. Organising the ESF was a major test for this and she did nothing to undermine my efforts to ensure that it was adequately resourced. So the UL could, if they chose to, have worked with her but of course they were used to handling Chris Humphries and Nick Wright differently. This has been a mistake. London delegates want an assertive Regional Secretary and they will feel threatened if she is attacked for things that do not matter to them.

So the reality is that a small majority of delegates to regional Council vote against the UL rather than in favor of anyone else. The challenge is to change the system to ensure that every member gets to chose and that can only be achieved if we had one member one vote! The overall situation is tragic for London as there are some charismatic and dedicated activists who are leading members of the UL they should be in leadership position but they never will unless they tone it down a bit?

I know I won't be making many friends following my comments but this is what I think and I always said what I feel! London deserves better leadership!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

London Unison AGM matters

Few strange things yesterday at the London region AGM one to do with the decision not to decrease the quorum for regional Council meetings.

Those in favor of the change explained that reducing it from 33% to 25% would not be less democratic it would just reflect the difficulties delegates face traveling to central London and would help the region run its affairs. But the forces of no change voted against this idea which would, in my opinion, help the region have a life in between AGM's?

It is ridiculous that the region can only manage a meeting once a year. Scotland apparently manages to get 4 meetings even though delegates have to travel huge amount of distances. The vote was 76 to 71 in favor of the change but the rule would need a two thirds majority and of course the maths did not add up. The other reason it didn't happen is to do with the otherwise splendid Jon of the Rogers bringing humour into this debate and making childish jokes when supporting the motion. This was not the right time or the right place Jon! It didn't help!

London Unison AGM 2012

Jon of the Rogers on the left and Ken Livingsone on the right at the London regions AGM Ken thinks he might be ok with the election on the 3rd May as a Greek worker in a hospital he recently attended declared that he would be voting for him! Ken should have perhaps taken my advice last time and turned up at London Greek Radio when I set up an interview for him?? Boris bloody did!!! Sort out your PR our Ken!

As expected the AGM of the London Unison region took place yesterday with the usual results in the election of officers.

The United Left candidates did not win as some people thought they could and the reasons for that are many. One is to do with very little effort being put in to ensure victory and leaving things the last minute. The other appears to have more to do with some delegates who only attend regional Council once a year voting against what they perceive as being a very left wing slate, in other words they are not voting in favor of the other team they just prefer not to elect those they perceive to be on the far left. More needs to be done to make sure that those delegated to attend the Regional AGM know more about who does and says what. Otherwise I couldn't explain why Jon of the Rogers keeps getting a big majority at NEC elections but the UL candidtaes at regional Council never win? Something wrong there, the maths don't add up!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unison London region AGM

The London region Unison AGM is taking place this morning with a number of interesting motions on the pensions dispute, which include tactics on where we go on from now. Also taking place is the election of officers with the usual people standing again but with some new activists challenging. I personally think the region needs a change and people like Marsha Jane, Ruth Cashman and P Watkins have something new to offer. Lets see how it goes..

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pensions dispute and tactics

Many are getting involved with the debate regarding the tactics around the pensions dispute and of course that is a good thing in a democratic system.

There are those who obviously don't want to put much effort into continuing the battle who clearly want to give up and these are the people who are making statements that are in a way giving ammunition to the other side. Then there are those who want to please everyone by saying things that both sides want to hear. And there is a smaller but more dynamic group who are committed to continuing the fight and are correctly saying that if we give up now the government and their mates will come back for more. I agree with the third category of people. We cant just tel our members that all they can do is take a day off on the 30 of November and then forget about it? Why would they trust us if we say that? More needs to be done and quick!!

Lambeth country show

I have been a member of the Labour party for more than 25 years and have campaigned with Labour party comrades on the doorsteps of the Streatham constituency, we fought many battles and won quite a few. So I have remained loyal to the true party, but those in charge appear to want to test me and others like myself.

The latest decision by Lambeth Labour is to stop the Lambeth country show. This is a major south London event that takes place for two days in July attracting many from the whole region. Its a splendid opportunity for south Londoners to get together and have a relaxing time, for children to play and for parents to relax.

I am trying to get information as to why this decision has been made but I know already that there is a campaign to stop them from killing this event off. If the reason they want to stop the show is financial then I fail to understand why the event is not self financing? If it is to do with money then I can sort it out for them. There is no way the show can't make money its just not managed correctly! So Labour Councillors and others should stop this madness and restore the country show! Its the peoples event!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Tactics on the pensions dispute

The debate, as expected, is going on regarding the tactics the unions should take next around the pensions dispute.

There are those who advocate surrender or compromise if you want to call it that way, the others who believe that there is more to be explored with further negotiating and the few who know that if the fight does not continue this will be round one of the attacks and the government will come back later and impose ever more drastic measures. There is no evidence that they are not planning that already.

So you have Heather Wakefield explaining the logic of organised surrender, then Gregor Gall wanting more action, Mark Serowka calling for a fight to the end and Jon Rogers trying to appease all sides (by being diplomatic and nice about them on his blog) in the hope that the union machinery will have another go even if that attempt won't be as big as he wants it to be! Its clear that the only option right now is to develop strategies that mean a continuation N30 otherwise that was a waste of time?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Foie gras

The production of foie gras is a horrific process. Have you heard? It requires force-feeding male ducks to enlarge their livers up to 10 times their normal size.

Call on the European Union to ban the production of foie gras - the cruelty of this practice has no place in civilized society. »

These ducks are force-fed over the course of 15 years with pipes rammed down their necks, which sometimes puncture their esophagus. Many die choking to death on their own blood or vomit.

Producers of foie gras keep their ducks crammed together in filthy conditions, where they can hardly move, let alone stretch their wings or swim.

Are the minutes spent enjoying foie gras worth the years of suffering the ducks have to endure? This grotesque mistreatment must be stopped. Sign the petition to ban foie gras production in Europe. »

Ban the production of foie gras in Europe!

Take action link:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Falkland islands

The islands are about 290 miles from the East coast of Argentina and are inhabited by people of British descent and English is the formal language. Everyone knows about the war in the 80s and the tragic loss of life. Argentina claims the islands purely on the basis that they are nearer their coast.

I try to keep a balanced view on this blog and I am never afraid to touch on subjects that may provoke anger, I always see things as they are and believe that objective journalism is the best way to explore subjects.

As I said before Argentina claims the islands because they are geographically at least situated nearer them. The same argument could of course be used by France to claim British islands in the channel, the analogy is the same.

I think that on balance the argument is in favor of the islanders and there is absolutely no reason what so ever for the islanders to surrender their right to self determination. They have the democratic right to remain independent and linked to Britain if that's what they want. British foreign policy is guilty for many major problems caused throughout the world but on this occasion the Falkland islands and their faith do not fall into that category. I also do not think that Trade Unionists should shy away from declaring their support for the islanders. War should of course be avoided at any cost and the sinking of the General Belgrano was an unpleasant incident for which Thatcher should have been questioned but the question around the future of the islands is simple one and I have said what I think.

Friday, 3 February 2012

London Unison AGM 8 February 2012

The Annual General Meeting of London Unison will be taking place next week 8 February. A number of interesting motions and of course the annual election will be taking place with United Left candidates taking on the existing post holders. Is this the right time for change then? We shall see..

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Marsha Jane Thompson

I watched Marsha Jane Thompson evolve over the years and of course worked closely with her when we were both nominated to stand as joint Co Convenors by the soft side of the United Left. The rest of the UL did not of course agree with this and instead supported (narrow majority of 2) a hard left candidate who lost that decisive key election battle. But that is old history.

Marsha has definitely developed and has changed her approach and style. She is much more careful now and thinks a lot longer before she makes any statements. She has, overall, become better and more effective so her decision to stand for the position of Regional Convenor for the February 8 2012 AGM could be a good one.

So who is this persistent female activists? Well she is, to start with, a close friend and associate of Jon of the Rogers who is, without any question (even he agrees with this) a force in the TU movement within London if not through out the country. I worked with Jon for 20 years and we are work partners and close associates it was inevitable therefore that I too became a friend of Marsha. We are not close now as we fell out a few times for silly things but I think I know the woman behind the activist and understand how she operates.

I will go as far as to say that Marsha could win the election if those on the left and the independent thinkers of the region voted for change and had an effective mobilising campaign to get the vote out. The region needs some excitement and is due for change!!

So what plus points does she bring with her? She is younger and more in touch with the under 40s, works hard, will be an independent thinker (more than most people think) and will fight fiercely battles for the region. She will also try to be constructive and built bridges with the regional office as she understands the power regional officials hold. On the negative side she tends to be impulsive, gets angry easily and sometimes misunderstands clear signals. She is also impressed with those she thinks have power and that can be a destruction. On balance she is ready for this and should be good at the job!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unison Health Rally 7 March 2012

Get ready for the 'Save Our NHS' rally on 7 March (31/01/12) On Wednesday 7 March, under the banner of the All Together for the NHS campaign, health workers, professionals, experts, patients and campaigners will come together for a rally to Save Our NHS.

The rally will drive home the message to Peers and MPs that the NHS is a treasured institution and the people that own it, work for it and use it, will not stand by whilst it is broken up and privatised.

The pressure on Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and Prime Minister David Cameron has been growing in recent weeks, with more professional bodies joining the calls to amend the Bill significantly or withdraw it completely. The rally is intended to add to that pressure by demonstrating the broad coalition of opposition to the Bill.

Join us on Wednesday 7 March 1800 - 1930 at the Central Hall, Westminster, London.

The government’s Health and Social Care Bill, currently going through Parliament, threatens the very principles on which the National Health Service was founded. UNISON has been leading the fight about these reforms since their introduction with more and more groups and individuals joining us in voicing their opposition. The opposition is growing stronger both from providers of care and those who receive it as they feel that their concerns have not been listened to.

The Bill is back in the House of Lords on 8 February for a number of weeks before it returns to the House of Commons for MPs to debate again. There is still time to influence this Bill, which will fragment and privatise our National Health Service:

1) Lobby a Lord:

2) Sign the official e-petition calling on the Government to 'Drop the Bill':

3) Attend the rally on Wednesday 7 March at Westminster Central Hall, 1800.