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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Greece. The absence of a true and gifted leader, slaves to the Euro

This is where I get to show how angry I am with a political class that has failed what is a remarkable country with a dynamic and positive people. Children of Pericles and Homer, Archimedes and many more.

I have spend the last 5 days in Greece and watched the preparations for the general election  and the results. There was a lot of energy around but a lot of it from those involved with controlling the  major parties has been negative and it was, with a few exceptions, about how the party will do and not how the country will remove itself out of the mess.

The result of the election showed that there was no majority for anyone or any clear or positive ideology. This shows a  rejection of the Greek political class. A collection of total morons who know as much about saving the country as I know about the origin of the paperwork that came with the Magna Carta in 1215.

None of the politicians inspires and not one of them is capable of getting people behind them. They all promised what they could not deliver and said what they thought the electorate wanted to hear. The country needs a leader to lift it out of the mess, someone like Eleftherios Venizellos, the question is where is she/he?? Those on the right want to remain slaves to the Euro whilst the rest have solutions that might work on the planet Zanussi but that won't solve the plethora of problems they have..

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