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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Too busy to observe Equality Regulations?

I was recently told that it is difficult to observe and implement Unison rules on Proportionality and Fair Representation because the volume of work is too high and there are other priorities.

I know for a fact that things have never been good and although the situation at front line is currently worrying and the need for support high we have had very bad times before.

I remember, for example having to deal with the horrific privatisation of Lambeth Revenues and Benefits in 1997 which involved the removal from the public sector of 300 staff. I had to do that with very little branch support and with just a handful of hard working and dedicated stewards and activists. It was hell but we did not deviate from national rules and would not have dreamed of ditching Equalities rules because there were other priorities. The battle to save members jobs and the fight to protect public services is as important as protecting the Equalities regulations that make Unison the great union that it is.

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