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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Career politicians

I am glad that Tony Blair and Lord Digby have come out and declared what we all know and fear. They are right to say that career politicians are a different breed to what democratic systems need. These are people with no life experience who simply happen to be somewhat good at spinning hot air but know very little about real life. They have not had any other jobs before entering politics. I will go further than Tony Blair and Digby and say that the world is in danger from these type of person. Their only interest is to preserve their positions and further their careers. This is not good news at all!! Never vote for a career politician!! There should be a campaign to stop them being elected.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stop killing ex service dogs!!

Dogs who serve in the military are often expected to undergo a lot more stress than a dog who lives in a neighbourhood. But they're still incredibly loyal. They put their lives on the line to protect their human companions and ask nothing in return except for meals and a warm place to sleep. After their duty is done, they should be retired in peace -- too often, though, they're euthanised.

This was the case with Brus and Blade, two security dogs who protected Prince William during his tour in the Royal Air Force. Instead of trying to rehome them or, even better, adopt them out to a loving family, after the prince completed his run, both dogs were put to sleep.

Though the RAF claims that it tries to rehome dogs "when practicable," surely they could try just a smidge harder for dogs who are literally risking their whole lives to protect the country. Tell the Royal British Military to stop killing service dogs when they finish their active duty.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Back soon

I am back now..

nick venedi

nick venedi


I have been away for a few weeks so was unable to get on line and spew out my usual stuff on blogsphere. Not sure I was too bothered to be honest but I am returning now to ensure that the thousands of people who never read my blog get the opportunity to continue with this splendid tradition.

So lets cover some subjects of interest then?

Cameron tells us that the way to deal with the fuel rate rises is to stay in one room all winter and avoid turning the heating in other rooms! Great stuff coming from some trolley who probably has his heating on in his 10 bedroom house all the time. But then that's the Tory philosophy for you!

Managed to watch part of Question Time on Thursday night and was impressed to hear the views of Owen Jones. He will not stand for parliament because he feels that UK politics is dominated with career politicians. Totally agree. These are people with no real life experience who couldn't make it as lawyers or doctors who excel in the dispensation of hot air. Easy way to make money. Most of them are a waste of space and joining their ranks will bring you down I admire people like Jon of the Rogers who could easily get elected but will not ever stand as he knows that he would have to sell his principles. Good for you our Jon.

Nick Venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

Friday, 11 October 2013

Women on BBC programmes

Was glad to see for a change 3 women on BBC1 Question Time last night. This is very unusual but very welcome. It appears that the BBC have finally accepted that there are enough interesting women out there to have on panels! About time!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ed Milliband on D Abbot

Diane Abbot is well known for being outspoken but she also makes sense most of the time. Ed Milliband's decision to have her removed for the career politician gang running the shadow cabinet was a big mistake and it shows that he is not up to the job the sooner the Labour party replace him the sooner people who left will consider coming back!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Scottish seals

In the past few years, the death rate of seals has increased steadily in Scotland's coastal waters. Reports have found that many of these deaths have been caused by ship propellers. After getting trapped between the propellers' blades, seals die slowly from painful, deep gashes to their bodies.
In order to stop these deaths, we need the Scottish government to investigate which industries are responsible for them.

Half of the seals getting killed are harbor seals, one of Scotland's rarest wildlife species. The harbor seals population has already declined by 90%. Unless we act fast to protect these seals, the population will disappear completely.

These killings will continue to go unheard and unaccounted for, unless the public stands up against them. Join us in demanding an end to these seal slaughters before it's too late.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Extreme right in Greece

The rise of the extreme right in Greece and in any other country for that matter is asociated with extreme disatisfaction with mainstream party politics. In Greece we had a succession of incopetent governments both of the left and the right that had policies that simply encouraged the borrowing of vast amounts of money to keep the population happy. Greeks have benefited to a large extent from the policy of high employment with good benefits in the last 20 years and excellent standards of living. But it was all done by borrowing, followd by borrowing and more borrowing. The bubble had to burst at some stage.

The negligence shown by the main parties in the last 20 years is criminal and those responsible should be dealt with in court. The electorate and those who can least afford it are being punished now with major austerity measures. As a result some have shifted their vote to the extreme right but I do not believe that Greeks are that way inclined. They are, however, inclined to get very angry and they have outbursts when consumed by huge anger. The other problem is that the parties on the 'real left' are as useless in organising as the major parties you therefore have a vacum that is filled by the extreme right. I don't think this will last.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Golden Dawn in Greece

The Golden Dawn party in Greece has managed to get more than 17% of the vote so far. I put that down to the dissolution and mistrust of Greek voters towards the major parties that have betrayed the ordinary man on the street.

Greek voters have not been known to swing towards the extreme right or favor the politics of hate so this is a new phenomenon and makes me wonder whether this right wing extreme party is supported by external forces that wish to see a further deterioration of modern Greece? It does not make sense that the leaders of Golden Dawn are publicly against everyone and everything. No credible party would have such daft policies?

The Ottomans on BBC2

Great and very interesting new series on BBC2 about the origin and the expansion into Europe of the Ottomans. The Ottoman empire was as large as the Byzantine and lasted for a period of 700 years but has been ignored largely by historians of modern times. The Ottomans were of course a small tribe  in what is today modern Turkey but modern Turkey did not come into existence until 1912. Very interesting programme with Ragi Omar who approaches the subject with care and attention to detail worth watching!

Is the Greek coalition government handling the crisis correctly?

The coalition government in Greece between the Conservative, Socialist and Real Left parties is of course incapable of making a halloumi sandwich in a coffee bar. Everyone knows this. The collection of weirdos that make up the cabinet is enough to confirm this.

First of all the so called government takes its orders from Berlin. We now have a situation where the old country should be called as the German Democratic Republic of Greece. The Troika is making this ass holes cut more and more and making ordinary people poor. In addition there are instructions to remove all defence industries from Greece. This makes people think that they are preparing for the final submission of the once proud country and some are unfortunately moving to the far right. The 'Golden Dawn' party has got around 20% of the vote more than any other country in Europe. People are simply angry and they are expressing their frustration by moving the the extreme!

On the other hand there is no real opposition as there is very little to oppose! Not much is left the old political elite have moved their money abroad and don't give a fuck!

The solution is for those who are members of the Trades Union movement to form a party of salvation and non political party that will deal with issues in a practical way.

Nick Venedi

Friday, 4 October 2013

Animal cruelty

A harbour seal named Larry who's gone blind. Two sea lions named Baker and Sandy who have had to spend two months in dry cages because of eye damage from questionable water. More than a dozen whales who have mysteriously died in the last ten years. It's all allegedly happened at Marineland -- and now, they're trying to cover it up.
After an investigative report by the Toronto Star last year revealed horrifying conditions at Marineland according to former employees, the marine mammal park sprang into action -- but not to improve the lives of their animals. Instead, they're suing the Star, as well as at least two protesters who have demonstrated outside the park itself. They've also bought land around the park so that protesters outside of it will be considered "trespassing."

These are cowardly, evasive maneuvers that are just distracting from the real issue at hand: the safety and health of the whales, dolphins and sea lions that live at Marineland. They deserve better than to be ignored while the park tries to silence their critics. Sign the petition to tell Marineland to clean up its act.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Party conference season

How relevant is the party conference season to Tom Dick and Harriot? The answer must be its not it just reminds people of what idiots are either running the country or trying to get our votes. This explains why there has been a major fall in membership for all parties. The only party of interest to most people I know is the one taking place every Saturday night in Clapham at the Rose and Bananas!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alistair Campbell and the dirty politics of Britain

It is correct for the Labour party machinery and the PR people they have to react to the nasty story printed in the Mail about Ed Milliband's father. Bringing in the memory of someone who is dead is not morally right.

On the other hand the Labour party lost an opportunity by bringing in Alistair Campbell who appeared on Newsnight last night presenting a pathetic attack on the editor of the Mail. The way he handled things makes him look like a bully and reminded people how disliked he is. Did he therefore mess it all up? I think he did and that's what the people I know are saying this morning. He belongs to an ere of spin doctors who were able to manipulate the media. I am hoping that Milliband is not looking at AC as his saviour because he will achieve the opposite.

Ed Milliband. What did the Mail want to say?

I am not one of Ed Millibands greatest admirers in fact I think he was the wrong choice of Leader. But it is unacceptable for the Mail or anyone else to bring in the memory of his father as he is dead.

There are of course those who think ( not saying I am agreeing ) that the Mail is choosing to make this into an issue to remind the electorate that Ed isn't a WASP? I of course wouldn't think they will sink to such a low level but there are those who say the Mail isn't interested in EM's father but his origin. They forget that Di Israeli made a reasonably good PM and that we live in the 21st century. I hope all who think the Mail is up to no good are wrong! Alistair sleazy Campbell coming to ED's defence is not good news either. The Labour PR machinery should have selected someone with a better reputation to defend ED!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Greece. Golden Dawn leaders arrested

The Greek state ordered the arrest of some of the leadership of right wing Golden Dawn party. The leader, Michaloliakos and spokesperson, Kassidiaris were arrested for being associated with an organisation involved with violent activity. Some cynics say that the state only acted when GD seemed to be gaining 20% in popular support.

I am hoping that the justice system will find anyone guilty of crimes guilty and that they are sentenced but the political class in Greece that are totally responsible for the downfall of the country have a lot of answering to do. They should also be arrested and charged for crimes against democracy and the state. They have allowed a once proud and creative country to become a satellite of Berlin and other foreign powers. Those responsible should be tried for treason!