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Monday, 21 May 2012

Alexis Tsipras Euro dream..

Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza, will be in Paristoday  to meet with the leaders of French and German left, in his capacity as Vice President of the European Left Party coalition  and as head of the party delegation. He will meet with Pierre Laurent and Jean-Luc Melanson in Paris and with Klaus Ernst and Gregor Giza in Berlin.
Tsipras told the press that first aim of his visit to France and Germany is "to inform governments of these major European Union countries about what we stand for." "We're not anti-European power"
Tsipras statement says that the Greek left has a message to Europe which simply says Let's talk."
The statement continues on to say that 'We are not an anti-European power, far from it. We strive to save the social cohesion in Europe, " pointing out that SYRIZA is perhaps" the only pro-European force because right now the dominant forces, if they insist on the policy of austerity,  will destabilise and will cause the collapse of the eurozone. "
He reiterated that if  SYRIZA comes to power he will seek a review of the policy framework in order to keep the euro in Greece. The head of the CR considers SYRIZA French President Francois Åland an ally in trying to convince Europe to abandon the prescription of austerity. "For the first time Merkel is extremely isolated," says, stressing that the implementation of austerity policies failed not only in Greece but also in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland.

Interesting words from Syriza but the big question is whether the results of the 6 May election will be matched by the results of the election to be held on 17 June. I think that the electorate was registering a protest in May they will now be voting for a party that could navigate the country out of the deep crisis. PASOK is, in my opinion, the only capable party to do this. Lets hope that the 70% of those who wish to stay in the euro vote for a party that can manage this!

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