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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Syriza on relationship with Russia

Alexis Tsipras leader of radical left party Syriza in an interview with Russian television has described the Greek government obsession with the 'Western allies' as irresponsible and counter productive.

Tsipras accepts that Greece is a full member of the EU but insists that the country's interest are best served by developing  closer cooperation with Russia. He described Russia as the major power in the region and suggests a closer link with them ignoring the list of human rights violations in that country.

His interview is seen as a warning on which direction the country will take if Syriza was to form a government after the 17 June. His intentions are not clear yet but it could mean that a Syriza government pulls the country out of NATO and brings the Russians in. This will destabilise an already unstable region.

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