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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yiannis Varoufakis the rebel economist?

Essex University graduate and now Finance Minister of Greece Yiannis Varoufakis has a certain charm about him. He certainly dresses and looks better than Anne Widicombe or the gorgeous fashion guru Malcolm Rithkin and isn't worried about the sausage eating Euro group brigade of pen pushers.

The recent events involving the so called confrontation between the Euro group Finance Ministers and Greece was nothing other than a predictable stage managed show. Every one knew that Greece would get the 4 month extension and that Tsipras Peron would do a 300 degree u turn and give in to some form of austerity. Both sides claim victory. The only winner here ( if I can use that term) is Yiannis Varoufakis who has increased his popularity and appeal to the youth of Greece and many in the rest of Southern Europe. Now whether what's happening in Greece right now can be seen as a rebelion or not remains to be seen. Varoufakis has certainly been able to stop reducing pensions and will be able to buy more time and stop further redundancies in the public sector...

nick venedi

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MPs pay

The question of whether MP's are paid enough or not keeps coming up and some mysterious ways are used to justify why they should be given more. Its obvious that every time there is a scandal about MP's behaviour some come up to say that they would not behave that way if they were paid more? I completely disagree with that.

Most credible job evaluation schemes take into account knowledge and skills needed to to the job. An MP does not need any knowledge or skills apart from using the right key words and saying things that people want to hear. This attracts career politicians who are experts in nothing other than speech making.

Using the Single Status Scheme which came out of the 1990 Whitley Council scheme an MP would score enough points to be placed on a grade equivalant to £32,000 ( approximately) So I have no bloody idea why there is constant debate about not paying them enough? And at the end of the day I don't want some expert in hot air production representing me thank you very much! The figure of £32,000 is enough and it will do!

nick venedi

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Regulating the training providing industry

I was rather surprised to find out that training providers are not independently assessed and do not have to comply with nationally set standards.

I know that Britain and Europe as a whole is often seen as having too many regulations but given the importance training could have on any individual who wishes to improve their employability then it is crucial that clear standards and a method of monitoring what these 'private instituations' do are agreed and an independent body keeps an eye on what these providers do and how they deliver the training? As it stands anyone can come up with some plan make any claims they like and then charge money ( often not refundable) for delivering a so called service.. this can't be right!

nick venedi

Friday, 13 February 2015

Merkel on Tsipras

The European press keeps mentioning the rift between Alexis Tsipras Peron and Angela Merkel. The truth is Tsipras isn't even aware of it. Merkel is surounded by a team of ugly out of shape German Ministers and Merkel has a soft spot for Tsipras. They should both have a date and go out for dinner I am sure they can get over their problems with a romantic get together on the 14 February, after all its only the Euro that's an obstacle to their secret ambitions?

nick venedi

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The state of politics

Not sure the choice of title is right. Should read the state of our politicians. They all seem to be people who would not make it in any other profession but they realised that they can put a few words together and say things that people want to hear and hey presto they have a career for life! I just hope that we don't get a major crisis where idiots like Mr Bean look alike Milliband and Halloumi face Ed Balls have to make major decisions because if we find ourselves in that position we will all be brown fucking bread!! Stop supporting career politicians, kick them all out!

nick venedi

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Time to resist.. Spain and Greece unite!

Always had a dream of a natural alliance between states in the South of Europe. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal have too many similarities and share common histories. I  predicted that the four states would at some point realise that they can fight against the domination by the northern states. And its happening today! Podemos is already on the way of winning the November election in Spain and of course the Greeks have already over thrown the nonsense imposed by the Germans and Dutch. Fuck them all I say and lets have a new order in Europe. Merkel and co are just hoping to make a name for themselves thinking that history will come back and call them 'strong' when in fact they are too stupid to see the wood from the trees! Get rid of them!

nick venedi