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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Greece. Its now a question of when, Brussles Politburo informed..

It has become clear since the election results on Sunday  that Greece will most probably be leaving the Euro and reverting back to the Drachma. That would of course have massive implications on both the country and the rest of Europe with Portugal and Spain watching to see what the reaction would be following that eventuality.

But the people of Greece have made their choice clear, they will not support the punishment dished out by the Eurocrats in order to keep the Euro and the bankers happy. The majority of people I have spoken to (even those with traditional centre views) are against the austerity conditions that come with the Euro.

The results from Sunday have produced parliamentary chaos with no single party holding a majority. Saying that Syriza (hard left) have got more than 20% of the vote with other left wing parties gaining ground too. The far right have also got 26 seats which is worrying but their rise is seen as a protest vote against traditional parties.

It now appears certain that the country will be going to the polls soon again. In the meantime I would imagine that Syriza leader Tsipras will be forming a weak government with the smaller left wing parties. A letter has already gone to Brussels informing the EU politburo that Greece will not adhere to the bailout conditions something that is apparently understood by French President Holande. Lets see what happens next!

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