nick venedi

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Vote NO in the EU referendum

There is a great danger that the government will spend lots of money on spin doctors to twist the facts and get people in this country to vote to stay because they will be scared. The truth is the EU as it stands is an ineffective and incompetent green elephant not capable of making decisions. It is simply an area of economic activity that makes it easier for industrialists to make more money at our expense. I was a fierce supporter of a union but the South European financial crisis has shown me and many others that the EU is about German Hegemony. Vote to stay in if you want the Germans to dictate policy and impose regulations.

European Unity is a great idea but we are not ready yet. We are not, to start with able to communicate in the same language and until we all speak fluent German a union will not work!

Those who say Britain will not survive on our own should look at Norway and Switzerland. It's important that we campaign for a NO vote on the lines argued by Owen Jones and other progressive forces! Get the fuck out!

Nick Venedi