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Monday, 7 May 2012

Europe the morning after the night before..

The first Socialist government in France for 17 years has been elected with the promise to challenge the supremacy of the Germans in Europe and move towards a policy that embraces growth as opposed to austerity.

In Greece the people have rejected the two major parties pushing the Socialist PASOK into third place. Syriza, the radical left party, has emerged as the second largest player with the conservative ND just about managing to get 20% of the vote.

We are all waiting to see whether Syriza is able to form a government in coalition with the other smaller left wing parties but this is unlikely because to do so would require a collaboration with Socialist PASOK and communist KKE I would imagine that a new election in a months time would have to be called. What is clear is that the people of Greece have rejected austerity. It remains to be seen whether this means leaving the Euro and going for a default.

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  1. people reject the two big arties and they are not interested in more cuts, everyone hates the ploticians!