nick venedi

Sunday, 21 November 2010

X Factor and Wagner

Well the saga continues and the anti establishment movement aimed at discrediting the show and Simon Cowels monopoly on reality programmes seems to be getting stronger with people being persuaded to vote in favour of Wagner who can't sing, can't dance and looks like a bag of chips left on a Wall after a November monsoon.

Now I said this before and will say it again, the show should not be controlled by people like Simon who has definitely reached his sell by date and should make room for others but it allows young and talented people like Matt and Rebbecca to exhibit the talent they have. Where else would they have that opportunity? So whilst I sympathise with the cappuccino anarchists from Clapham and Camden I would say that on balance people should be encouraged to vote for someone who is good at singling? Lets see whether Wagner stays in after tonight?


  1. Nick, you are missing the point mate. You state that 'young people get the opportunity to exhibit their talent' but then how are these young people selected? They are picked by a selection of record producing panel judges controlled by SC simply because they see them as cash making cows? This 'show' is destroying our culture and repudation as a country of originality and good music and it has to stop. Voting for Wagner is one way of proving the point.


  2. Hey Rob,

    My point is that what we have right now is a few programmes that allow young, and not so young, people to show us what they have. I know that x factor is manipulated by those like Simon who are themslves talentless but the fact remains that we would never have seen Rebecca or Matt had X factor not been around? Wagner got through again and he is the protest vote but this will be at the expense of those with real talent at the end?