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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The need for a bloggers association

Elizabeth Winkler, a fellow blogger from Bristol, recently suggested or asked the question as to whether bloggers need to have a union. I think that most of the bloggers who appear on the TU cyber space pages are of course already members of strong established unions but there is a clear need for those of us who express sometimes controversial views online to belong to some kind of an association as we are clearly placing ourselves on the firing line.

And I believe that we are all vulnerable for attack from those who do not agree with our views. In fact a recent incident which affected me personally has persuaded me of the need to have a collective. I recently applied for a job with a huge multinational corporation, I won't mention their name for legal reasons (at this stage anyway) I had all the qualifications that were required and my experience would have been considerably more than most others applying. The company also operates a DDA associated recruitment scheme where an applicant who meets the criteria is offered an interview. But I was not offered anything. In addition to that I know that the company in question took a look at my blog and would have without any doubt decided that thy did not need a person with a strong TU background on board. My personal situation is not that important and I am preparing a case against this anti TU company. My point is that we place ourselves on the front line and would benefit perhaps from having some forum where we can support or help each other? And there are many other examples I can think of like the legal case against John of The Gray and various attacks against Jon of the Rogers.

Here's the entry from Elizabeth

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