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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Student fees and the Libs

Angry students marched on the streets of central London yesterday to protest against the governments decision to impose changes in the fee system which are completely unfair, unworkable and a disgrace. I won't deal with the small number of incidents where people behaved in an unacceptable way towards the police. Those who went on the march to provoke and cause damage are a small minority and they have nothing to do with the strong majority of students who are simply not going to sit around and accept the destructive approach this government has chosen to go down. I don't know anyone in my own circle of friends and contacts who does not agree that the students are right to protest.

I am also amazed how mainstream Lib Democrats are allowing the power hungry small group who are in control of their party push them down the point of no return. The Libs have now lost any credibility and they have shown themselves to be the party that makes promises that they never keep. Nick Clegg should resign and join the Tory party he will be more comfortable amongst them and Simon H should get off the fence and object to what is going on. I know the electorate will punish those responsible at the next election in the meantime the fight and the resistance will continue.

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