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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lord Young and Lego land

It would appear that Lord Young's comments may have been taken out of context (not that young) It looks like what he meant to say is that those people who live in Lego land have never had it so good, he probably also thinks that Cinderella had something to do with the invasion of Poland before the start of the war.

I looked at the figures and the plethora of stats about our standards of living and everything you can think of from the price of travelling to the retail price index has gone up. Lord Young seems to think that we are all rolling in it because interest rates have gone down but that only applies to a small number of people with small mortgages they still have to find money to pay for the huge increases that the government have imposed and the new VAT rates which are coming in from January will see to it that most of us will be worst off than ever before. Good that he has resigned, he should perhaps move to Lego land?

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