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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bishops, weddings and facebook

I have dealt with cases in the past where members I was representing got into trouble because of what they said on face book. One case, many years ago, involved a member of staff who also had her line manager listed as a friend on face book. She was annoyed with him so she posted some nasty comments on her page which he of course got to see. You can guess how the story ends.

But coming back to the reason for this story I honestly don't know why Willsden has to have a Bishop? If Willsden has a Bishop then why doesn't Streatham or Clapham have one? Whatever.

Anyway the Bishop got into trouble because he forgot that what you put on face book will be read by many others so he decided to tell all that Will and Kate won't make it beyond the Olympics after the next one. Now I don't care if someone is a Republican or not and of course many are. It just isn't nice to go and tell the world that two people who look like are in love won't be making it? The Bishop should mind his own business and he should start doing a blog instead of posting stuff on face book (that's what I did when I deactivated my facebananabook) In the meantime I don't know which union represents Bishops but he needs some urgent advice to get out of this one?

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