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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Organising for a successful 26 March

I reported my concerns yesterday to the London regional committee about the delay in us getting together a major event to demonstrate opposition to the drastic cuts imposed on us by the Con every Lib coalition government. Friends form TUs on the continent were asking me recently why it takes so long to organise opposition. I explained that it is better to plan something carefully even if it means waiting for some time rather than jump into it without much thought. A member of the regional committee yesterday reminded us that the anti cuts movement in France and Greece didn't at the end achieve much. He was of course wrong about this and even if he was partly right I wasn't sure if he was telling us that we should just sit back and do nothing? Its sometimes difficult to figure out what people mean when they make profound statements but are not clear. I think Jesus of Nazareth had that habit and he ended up having 4 guys interpret what he said (hundreds of years later) differently, or was it Brian?

Going back to the event on the 26 March I would imagine that we will have to make sure that we are all there and make sure that we have more than a million people turning up. It is important that we plan this day carefully and make sure that the government gets the message. Every branch Secretary must be made responsible for putting more effort into this than anything else before.

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