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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Is it time to regulate television programmes? X Factor 2010

We have the monopolies commission which looks into monopolistic practices, their job is to ensure (in theory) that no one individual or company exercises total control over our economy, this is of course connected with the world of commerce and how we relate to that.

But there is very little regulation when it comes to how the media and television try to control our minds. Now I don't want to start sounding like Mary Whitehouse (indeed I never want to look like her!) but there is something to be said about not allowing one individual to exercise so much power and control over what is shown on prime time television. The argument against having any regulation is that you will then have the state having more power over us and you will stifle freedom of expression, but on the other hand the current situation means that a company can manipulate certain programmes, like the X Factor, for their own benefit.

I am, on balance, against introducing measures to control this part of our lives but I would like to see people like Simon Cowel and any others who produce such manipulating programmes be made to pay 90% tax on all that they produce that way they will be doing it because they love it and not because they are self obsessed and want to make more money. In the mean time I am doing a u turn and will be voting for Wagner to win tonight (apologies to Matt and Rebbecca)

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