nick venedi

Sunday, 7 November 2010

X Factor and Tracey Cohen

I have suspended my quest for fairness and equality throughout the world to get online and record my profound disagreement with the panel of judges on X factor who, tonight, made the big mistake of choosing to remove Tracey Cohen and keep Katie instead.

I am also rather annoyed that the British public, well the part of the public who watch the 'programme' keep voting for Wagner to stay in. He is as talented as I am Swedish in other words he can't sing and can't act, yet the public keep voting for him to stay in. This could be because the British public like to challenge the silly little judges so I have some sympathy with that as a tactic, but Tracey Cohen was the better singer and should have been kept in even though I say so myself!! Its all going pear shape, what with Sugar puff removing the gorgeous Paloma on Weds from the apprentice and the judges getting rid of Tracey tonight!! Whats the united left going to do about this??


  1. I agree! It's disgusting that in a singing competition the good singer goes, the apparently "interesting" nerve rack Katie stays and Wagner who is a nice guy but can't sing, can't dance; wasn't even in the bottom two! What World is that???

  2. If Cheryl is number one on the chats then Wagner can very well win the ex-factor. Afterall Wagner is a better performer and singer than Ms Cole.

  3. Well I don't usually ublish anonymous comments (editorial policy) but hey your comment is good so...

  4. Well I know I was critical of C Cole before but I am afraid I am now a fun and you are wrong she is a singer and Wagner is not and never will be he is simlply being supported by the anti Simon lobby like last years xmas no one etc...