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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Student demostrations and huge fees

I wrote about the unacceptable situation created by the government and the massive increase in tuition fees. It is not right that a 21 year old today would leave higher education with something like £70,000 debt which she/he would have to repay on top of their mortgage etc, this just isn't right and it will create a situation where we have the rich being able to afford higher education and the poor forced to avoid it.

The demonstrations by more than 30,000 students yesterday in central London clearly shows the frustration felt by those in higher education and it is understandable. It is not, however, clever to turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent insurrection by the few, this is not right and it will allow the media and others to focus attention on that rather than the real issue. It is also remarkable that the Lib Democrats are on record giving guarantees that they would never support an increase before the election and they are now the party pushing these changes forward. This sheer greet for power should be punished and I hope that the NUS will go ahead and put a candidate against every Lib Dem at the next elections in conjunction, hopefully, with the Labour party.

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