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Saturday, 20 November 2010

26 March march

I was at regional committee also last Tuesday and John Gray is right to report that the biggest part of what we discussed was around the 26th March march. Everyone agreed that we should make sure that the day is a success.

There was also a debate around the students demonstration that took place the week before and some on the committee thought it was a big success and an example of how things should be done. My view is that the demonstration was well organised and the students are of course right to gather and protest, but nothing excuses those who destroy the message and the effort of everyone else. Violence and criminal behaviour are not an acceptable form of protest and those who engaged with those 'activities' managed to give the hostile media a reason to focus on what they did and dilute the important message the students were trying to deliver.

I don't think anyone at committee justified the actions by the few. We now need to make sure that we have at least a million on the march in March and that it is done right and correctly!

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