nick venedi

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Equality issues

We can not have an Equalities Act that says we are all equal then have a firm and established hierarchy with royals and those with titles imposed on us on the top. It is all non sense and it has to change. I accept that having a monarch makes things easier to manage ( avoids us having to chose voting for wankers like Blair or Branson or even Johnson ) so in that respect I can live with it, but the fantacy element that comes with having royals and the useless hangers on like Edward and Andrew is completely unnecessary and even comical. I am waiting for a clever person to make a legal challenge in the courts on the basis that having lords and the rest is illegal as it contradicts the spirit of the Equalities Act. But then again the person hearing a claim will be one of them?? Explains why the system will never be changed!! Get rid of them!!

nick venedi

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