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Monday, 9 April 2012

Solidarity with the people of Greece

I am happy to observe that there has been some movement, mainly organised by progressive forces on a local basis, to support the struggles of the people of Greece and the other South European countries that are facing the current attack by greedy bankers.

The most noticable ones so far are the coalition of resistance which is a group fighting against cuts and privatisation in general. There is an online petition that those wishing to suport can sign to show solidarity with the people of Greece

It will, however, be better if the TUC and other major unions did more to organise some support and solidarity and be involved with a national campaign that made the message clearer?

Other organisations, such as London Greek Radio (LGR) have concentrated on organising practical help by fund raising and making the money collected available to those affected by the severe problems (mainly Greek childrens charities) created by the drastic government cuts, a repeat of the Oxfam example which was set up in the 50's to help Greece after the civil war.

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