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Monday, 23 April 2012

House of Lords

There is  lot being being said about  the Liberal Democrats and their desire to have a referendum on whether the House of Lords need to be reformed or not and of course the Libs would favour a referendum on the subject they did, after all promise to float the idea in their referendum. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that.

I would say that the whole debate misses the point and the question that should be asked is whether there is any need for a House full of people with titles who are then hanging around for years without facing any elections dishing out decisions on the laws passed by the Commons. I think that having titles is a total breach of Equalities legislation and incompatible with modern democracies.

There is an argument for having a higher elected house like a senate ( most states have that) where legislation is scrutinised but having a collective of people who  drive around Chelsea in Range Rovers and think that Queen Victoria is around the corner in Harvey Nichols isn't the right way to do it. Get rid of a house with titles and replace it with an elected chamber of real reps!

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