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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Is the TUC showing support and solidarity with the people of South Europe?

I am constantly embarrassed as an active member of the British Trade Union movement to have to explain why it is that the powerful, as it is perceived, TUC in Britain isn't doing more to show support and solidarity with sister unions in the South of Europe.

I was, for example, in Athens between the 27 and end of November 2011 where there was a massive demonstration against the austerity cuts and had to explain to comrades who were demonstrating peacefully why there wasn't any UK TUC banners on the march. There were Portuguese, Spanish, French, Turkish, German and others from the Balkans present but no sign from the TUC. So I am wondering why the hell is the TUC keeping a low profile with this one? Perhaps our glorious NEC members can answer this question?

Trade Union organisations in Greece, Portugal Italy, France and Spain are linking up with a view to presenting a common front against the cuts so where is the TUC or indeed Unison? I thought we had an international department? Maybe there are things happening that I don't know about? Or is it a case of let jolly Foreigner get on with it??

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