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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The need to challenge

I have often found myself, in my role as a TU rep, in the position where I either identified a wrong doing ( lets just call it that..) or a serious transgression that was referred to me. I would of course act and try to deal with the problem and represent the member who feels aggrieved.

It is also the case that if you are a vigorous and systematic defender of what you feel is right those on the 'other side' would call you a trouble maker. The 'opposition' would rather have those of us who try and defend the rights of members be silent and turn a blind eye. But this must never be allowed to happen and I am a firm believer that a wrong doing must be challenged and action taken. We must never allow ourselves to fall in the category of those who chose not to tackle a problem and must not be afraid or worried that those against us will try to marginalise or to use another set of words 'gang up against us' Expose and challenge' is the right thing to do.

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