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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Coming out for Ken Livingstone

He may be a bit on the controversial side but what you see is what you get with our Ken and he has done a lot more to accelerate the rate of progress for us Londoners than anyone else. He was brave enough to bring in the congestion charge which has clearly benefited the capital and it will be a shame if he wasn't at the opening ceremony of the Olympics as London Mayor instead of the Boris the Doris. Ken is also genuine about his commitment to Equalities and he understands the diverse nature of our city. And then again the opposition isn't really offering much are they?

You have Boris who is one of those people who have slipped through the net and has made it only because the media secretly love him and then you have Brian Paddick who is very much a one subject candidate and he is all about promoting Brian Paddick. He may know his stuff on policing (not everyone agrees with that though) but hasn't said much about other major subjects not until he was pushed and his team came up with the one hour fare, what's that all about? One hour fare? Why not the two and a half hour fare? I also find his understanding of Equalities issues to be very low and lacking in substance.

So vote for Ken!!


  1. Ken, Boris, if I was living in London I'd vote Ken because I hate the dam Tories, sadly not to fond of Newer labour either, but yes I'd vote ken

  2. Ken is the only credible candidate standing and I know for a fact that his heart is not with New Labour and that makes him acceptable to me!