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Friday, 27 April 2012

2012 election in Greece

There wasn't enough space on the title box to insert the current name for the country which is The German Democratic Republic of Greece. Anyway Berlin has given the go ahead and an election will be held on May 6. Elections there are compulsory which means that most people, if not all, will be voting.

So far its looking like the far right and far left will be gaining ground at the expense of the traditional centre parties. So my own party (PASOK) which is the very equivalent of New Labour (they have pictures of Tony Blair on their office walls..) will be needing to find a coalition partner if its to return back to power.

What annoys me about the campaign so far is that both leaders of the Socialist and Conservative parties are making promises to the electorate they quite clearly cannot deliver. E Venizelos, of PASOK is promising the easing of the austerity measures (did he get Merkels permission?) and Tory boy Samaras is going on about cutting taxes. I have no idea which planet Samaras has been on for the last two years, but hey this is the state of the union down town Greece!! In the meantime Communist party leader Aleka Paparigas is saying we should stuff the EU and go it all alone? Presumably with the blessing of Moscow? No idea! And there are those who say that we should be closer to Russia rather than the West as they are more natural allies (same religion and alphabet etc)

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