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Friday, 6 April 2012

Is Europe looking for the return of military dictatorships??

Good entry by Chris on the UnisonActive blog which covers the issues around the current Eurozone crisis and confirms, as we all know, that Europe is in fact managed by failed bankers who created a global crisis via venture capitalist methods then very immorally tried to cover their backs by shifting the blame for the huge disaster they created in 2007/8 on to smaller states that they thought were an easy target like Greece, Portugal and Spain. but they made a massive mistake if they thought that the South of Europe would just take the dishing out of mierda!!

The same bankers did not anticipate the resistance that the Greek unions were ready to come up with. The Portuguese and Spanish unions who were reluctant at first have now entered the fight against the unacceptable austerity measures and there are signs that unions in the 3 Euro zone states are co ordinating their action.

The response by the bankers in northern Europe was to impose a government headed by the ex Deputy President of the European Central bank , Papademos, but he is finding the job impossible. The only promise is that the Greek and Portuguese people will not sit back and let them destroy what the workers have managed to create since the fall of dictatorship in 1974/5 do the bankers want a return of these military governments??

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