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Monday, 23 April 2012

Rise of the far right wing in Greece

A number of polls indicate that in the Greek national elections scheduled for May 6, Golden Dawn (that's what they call themselves..) may surpass the 3 percent threshold needed to enter Parliament. The group has been campaigning on the streets, something that mainstream politicians have avoided for fear of angry reactions by voters who (rightly) blame them for Greece’s economic collapse.

But even if Golden Dawn fails to enter Parliament, it has already had an impact on the broader political debate. In response to the fears over immigration and rising crime, Greece’s two leading parties — the Socialist Party and the centre-right New Democracy Party — have also tapped into nationalist sentiment and are tacking hard right in a campaign in which immigration has become as central as the economy.

Experts say the group is thriving where the Greek state seems absent, the most virulent sign of how the economic collapse has empowered fringe groups while eroding the political mainstream, a situation that some Greek news outlets have begun comparing to Weimar Germany. What a total disgrace this is, a country that has suffered 4 years of misery during the Nazi occupation is now growing extremists that want to be like those who enslaved them!!

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