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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Are we what we watch?

Are we what we watch? That is a question I sometimes ask myself so I have taken a bit of time off from saving the universe to try and determine whether what we watch affects us?

I think the correct answer to the question would most probably be that what we watch can influence how we think and that is why there is a serious side to this issue.

Is the digital switch over for example an attempt by the ruling elite to brain wash more people? People who only had access to 5 land channels have now been forced to have around 60 tv outfits on their tv screens because of the switch over. The amount of total rubbish they will be exposed to has therefore increased by more than 500% the propaganda opportunities have also increased tremendously, people can now watch trash like the Jeremy Kyle thing almost every minute of the day. Should we be doing more to stop this deterioration of our culture or is this simply another part of democracy and real choice?

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