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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The House of Lords

I am revisiting this subject as there has been some more debate around the question of whether the country will collapse or not if we did not have Lords to save us.

The truth is that the 'ruling elite' in Range Rovers, have been clever about things as they have managed to steer to discussion away from the real point, which is the complete abolition of Lords and titles. So we are now discussing whether some of them should be elected and what colour underpants they should be wearing when dressing up to go and sleep in the chamber?

The correct question should be whether a modern democracy which has embraced Equalities legislation and does not believe that some people are more equal than others continues with the system of titles that dates back to William the Conquistador who landed at Gatwick ( maybe Hastings..) in 1066 and divided all the land between the thugs that supported his invasion. It is ridiculous that anyone should want to carry on with that system just so that some jolly foreigner visiting can take pictures of the House of Lords.

So the real question must be to replace the Lords with an elected  Senate like all proper democracies have. There is no need to have a monarch with a plethora of Lords. I can see that the country is overwhelmingly in support of having the Royals so we have to respect that but the Lords should be replaced as soon as..

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