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Monday, 27 June 2011

Tony Blair and hatred of leaders

Its nothing new and it always seems to happen. We always tend to end up hating those who lead us mainly because they make difficult decisions when in power that we disagree with.

Briefly watched the Andrew Marr programme yesterday morning where Tony Blair was interviewed. You could see that he looked uncomfortable knowing that he is not a very popular man and isn't liked by many people.

I have a slight difficulty with this one as well. I have to confess that I am not too keen on the man as he displayed a huge level of arrogance following the biggest demonstration ever against the war in Iraq. He ignored all those voices and took us into an unpopular war. I don't think history will forgive him for that. But at the same time he did win 3 elections for the Labour party and he was quite dynamic.

I would say that all leaders are always disliked after they end their term in office. This is fuelled by those left behind who are paranoid about the level of influence an ex leader can exert. It happened to Thacher, Churchill, Blair and now Brown and it will continue happening for ever. It also happens in smaller organisations where a leader moves out, I have experienced that myself but I am big enough to know that's how it works. There are always those who appreciate what one has done and they are what matters.

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