nick venedi

Monday, 6 June 2011

Ed Milliband

The Labour party elected Ed Milliband to be its leader using an incomprehensible system which meant that the majority of Labour MP's and members voted for someone else. That aside he was the one elected but the fact that he has not been seen or managed to get the regeneration of interest in the party again has disappointed many. I of course did not vote for him. To be honest am not sure he expected to win.


  1. Isn't someone with a finance background supposed to be good at maths? It was an easy to work out system and I think you will find the majority of members did vote for him as it was individual members in the unions that voted for Ed that won him the election.

  2. Hello Rosa

    Well I must have left my calculator back home then. On a serious note I would have expected our new Leader to be more visible and more robust in his approach, I am allowed to be critical right?