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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

An independent talent show?

Seems that ordinary people can achieve power or enable change through the use of social media and communication systems.

A recent entry on my blog (see below) has prompted several people to contact me saying that there is a need for an independent non commercial talent show, as a result of this we recently met (last night actually) and put a few ideas together. This initiative will of course never be as big as the major shows put on by the multinationals but it can be the right thing to do at the right time? The country is fed up with the hegemony and control exercised by the very few so lets do something about this? Making it clear, however, that this is not an attempt to have a go at anyone but a small if not minor alternative to help those who may never get the exposure otherwise. Watch this space as they say on the island of Fiji every Sunday dinner time...

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